About Edulix

Edulix.com, is an Internet site that helps the estimated 2 million international students world-wide in the critical and time-consuming stage of identifying and selecting a short-list of institutes of higher education.

Through its proprietary search engine that caters to the exclusive needs of international and study-abroad students, Edulix.com is poised to become a major Internet destination site for more than the estimated 2 million international students that go online in search of their schools of choice.

Edulix also brings efficiency and a close sense of online community to the fragmented vertical community of international, exchange and study-abroad students that is scattered in almost all the continents. Major attraction point for Edulix will be its bulletin-boards, proprietary search tools, news items and its proprietary database of teaching and research assistantships in popular departments of major universities around the world. The presence of timely information and a click-away contact names for pursuing advertised assistantships will be of immense help to international students pursuing advanced degrees in major universties in the US, Canada, Australia and elsewhere.

According to some estimates, a prospective international student spends about 75-80% of his/her time in identifying schools that are affordable, have low application fees, and have a good prospect for a financial assistantship. Edulix provides all these information at a single site to any international student with access to the Internet virtually cost-free.

The Edulix.com database contains more than 600 international universities in Asia, Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. The database will grow to an estimated 2000 institutes of higher learning by the Summer of 2000.

Edulix.com is founded and operated by a group of former international students who had themselves experienced first hand the challenges and triumphs of being international students. The founders bring years of experience and a committment to serve this unique community of international scholars which has distinguished itself in contributing, often in the fore-front, to the exlosive global growth in technology, medicine and business.
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Edulix Board of Advisors

Professor Ermias Dagne
Professor, Addis Ababa University
Mr. Suresh K. Jois
President, Materion Corp.
Mr. Santosh Philip
VP, Materion Corp.
Professor Gulcin Ozkan
University of Durham

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