Edulix - FAQ

1. What is Edulix?
Edulix is an Internet site and forum that provides free 'crowd-sourced' services and products to aspiring undergraduate and graduate students around the globe. The site is primarily designed as a one-stop resource for scholars with a crowd-generated database of information about university education and career in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. While the majority of its members come from the Indian sub-continent, Edulix's membership has a very significant international element with increasing membership from China, Turkey, Latin America, and Europe.

2. Who is this website for?
If you are a student aspiring to study abroad for a master degree or PhD in any field, this website is for you. This website will be able to assist you in preparation for the exams, documentation and application for the universities, post admit discussions, visa, immigration etc.

3. How does it work?
Students will have to register for the website using an email id. After registration, the student will be able to access the forum with all its features. The website can be used for profile evaluation for higher studies, GRE/TOEFL related inquiry, academic guidance, discussion after receiving admit, visa and immigration related doubts, roommate/travel mate search and a lot more. To start with any of these, the user first needs to complete his/her Infobank, which will hold all the academic information, after which the user can post threads, discuss, comment and interact with other users.

4. Who are the profile evaluators/coaches/guides that will provide input for the inquiries of the students?
The evaluators and guides are fellow edulixians, who are now studying abroad and are also volunteering for this crowd-sourced website to assist new students through this tedious process. As the website dates back to March 2000, a lot of the evaluators in this website are much experienced with the whole application process and are also specialized in their own field of study, where they can guide new students.

5. Do I have to make any payment to register for the website or any feature of the website?
It is good news for all the students that the website with all its features requires no payment from any student who wants to register.

6. What exactly are the services provided by this website?
The website can be used for the following services:
Queries related to GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, academics, career guidance, profile evaluation for MS/MSc/MEngg, MIS, MBA, MEM, PhD for all the subjects (like engineering, basic sciences, applied sciences, management), Statement of Purpose evaluation, application guidance to universities all around the world, post admission discussion, visa and immigration inquiries, financial matters, pre-departure discussions and roommate/travel mate searches.

1. What is Infobank?
Infobank is feature associated with each user that will hold all the academic information provided by him/her, and will be used for his profile evaluation or any other related queries. Every user is required to fill these academic details, so as to facilitate a systematic process flow on the website and to avoid asking a user's profile again and again during the entire discussion.

2. What is Profile Evaluation Guide?
In order to maintain a uniformity and ease of access throughout the website, the Profile Evaluation Guide (or PE Guide) contains details about how a user should post a thread and what guidelines are to be kept in mind while asking any doubt. It also contains details about the evaluators/guides, who are active on the website and assist users with their inquiries. It is recommended to read it before posting any thread.

3. What is EduGoogle?
EduGoogle is Edulix's internal search engine that makes use of Google custom searches. It is a very useful tool to search details from the website's huge database.

4. What is UniSearch?
UniSearch is Edulix's database of student profiles and results. It has details such as the GRE/TOEFL scores, GPA, course and university results. Members can search through the database, based on filters, which gives them a fair idea of the admission trends. UniSearch has data of members since the year 2006 which is probably the only repository of such detailed data. Graduate studies aspirants can check the previous year UniSearch database and depending upon their profile, they can select the universities which they want to apply.

5. What is UniSuggest?
This is our brand new tool introduced in spring 2014. Given the candidate's major are of studies, GRE scores and GPA, UniSuggest provides a list of universities where candidates of similar background were accepted over the past five years. This tool is very helpful to get started with the initial phase of drawing a starting list. The candidate then could go to the forums and post his/her initial list along with completed Infobank/UniSearch profile to get feedback from the Edulix community of seniors.

6. What is Edulix DHL Express?
Edulix had made a business deal with DHL - one of the premier global postal shipping companies - to offer the cheapest courier service for your application packages to be sent to the US, Europe and Australia. This is a service that has been used by tens of thousands of Edulix members over the past several years. Today, DHL India, has a pick-up and delivery setup spanning across more than 600 offices, 2000 vehicles, 30+ hubs, almost 600 depots and sorting centers. You must be a registered member at Edulix to benefit from this deal.

7. What is EduChat?
EduChat is an AJAX based group chat for Edulix members. The main purpose of the EduChat is to answer quick queries from newbies who seek immediate help. However it is used for general discussions also, which are not directly related to the admissions process.

1. Is it mandatory to create InfoBank?
Yes, Infobank is made mandatory for all the users before they should post any query, because then it will be easier for both the student and the evaluator to proceed systematically.

2. How do I create a thread?
To create a thread it is first of all important to select the correct forum. The website is divided into several forums/sections like Preliminary phase (GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS/Academics/Ask Any Question), Profile Evaluation phase, Admission and Visa Phase (Results/Post Admit Discussion/Visa and Immigration/Financial matters) etc. After selecting the relevant forum for your inquiry, go to the section and click 'New Thread' button on the left side at the top of all the existing threads or at the bottom of the threads. Write an appropriate title, give all the necessary details and post the thread.

3. I am interested in a particular discussion. How do I get notifications about it or subscribe to it?
To subscribe to any thread, scroll to the bottom of that thread, and click on the link "subscribe to this thread". Once done, you can either select an option for instant email notification whenever a new post is made or you can also select 'No notification' in which you will not be emailed every time a new post is made, instead, the post will appear as unread in your control Panel (UserCP).

4. How do I send private message to any user?
To send a private message (PM), to any user, you can either go to the user's profile and click on the link 'send xxx a private message', or you can compose a message in your UserCP and write the name of the user in the 'To' box. You can also send PM to multiple user by the second option, by just entering usernames followed by comma.

5. How to I tag a user or an evaluator?
To tag a user you will have to '@' sign followed by square brackets with the user's name in the brackets.
Eg: for a username "ab123", you will have to write @[ab123] to tag the user. It is important to note that if more than 5 users are tagged in a single post, then none of the users will get a notification (this is done in order to prevent mass spamming).

6. I posted profile evaluation, but got no replies. What should I do?
The first thing in this case would be to comment on your own post "Bounce" to that the thread comes on the top of the recently posted threads to attention. You can also tag the evaluators again in your thread to get their attention.

7. Where can I find list of evaluators and guides whom I can tag for help?
To get a list of evaluators/guides, you will have to read the Profile Evaluation guide, which contain all the active evaluators sorted out by their field of specialization. Tag them in your post.

8. A fellow user is using abusive language/posting inappropriate comments and threads in the forum. What should I do?
The best thing to do would be to "report" the user or the thread by clicking 'report' link provided at the left bottom of each post. You can then mention the reason for reporting in the pop-up window. Also you can directly PM a moderator about the particular user or the thread, who will then take care of the problem.

Prepared by Mihir - fall13vox 2015