About Edulix - Simplified Guide

1. Introduction
Edulix is an Internet site and forum that provides free 'crowd-sourced' services and products to aspiring undergraduate and graduate students around the globe. The site is primarily designed as a one-stop resource for scholars with a crowd-generated database of information about university education and career in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. While the majority of its members come from the Indian sub-continent, Edulix's membership has a very significant international element with increasing membership from China, Turkey, Latin America, and Europe.


Currently, we believe Edulix is leading social media for international scholars with a database consisting of more than 1.25 million posts and 225,000 members, a good number of who are still active several years after initial registration. Over the years, we have fundamentally transformed the way international scholars seek and achieve world-class graduate programs. Guided by the collective wisdom and experience of 225,000+ members along with unique database engines, our members often get admission to the best programs that they can possibly can.

Process Flow of Edulix


In general, Edulix provides a unique internet portal for international scholars like you with services,

a) that walk you through the university selection process. This is done through our proprietary database program, UniSearch which has live admission data as well as archived data from 2006 onwards.

b) that help you identify and secure financial aid like teaching and research assistantship in the departments of your university of choice.

c) that help you interact and form community with other international scholars all over the world through forums in different categories.

d) that help you deal with immigration issues and many more.

Edulix wants to form a long-term relationship with its community members starting from the university selection process, to application, admission, matriculation, graduation and job-search.

2. Registration
Registration is free. Only a valid email address is required to register.


3. History
Edulix was founded in 2000 by Sam Kassegne (aka Edulix_Editor or Bikila) and his college-mate from Middle East Technical University, Yalcin Sert. Edulix_Editor was educated in India (BE, Madras/Chennai - Guindy Engg College) and the US (Virginia Tech - PhD). He also has a master's degree from Turkey (Middle East Tech University). He has worked in academia and the industry for about 10 years in the US. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at a University in California. The main motivation of the founders was their belief that only former international students can really understand the needs and challenges of other aspiring international students. Apart from the founders, alumni of various universities, people who themselves benefited from Edulix, strive to answer queries and help the users.


The origin of the word 'Edulix' is inspired by the ancient port of Adulis on the Red sea Coast that used to be a major port for trade and business between the far, near and middle east in the tenth and eleventh century. Along the same lines, Edulix.com strives to be a portal where students from many corners of the world find cutting-edge technology to help them pursue their dreams of a world-class education and career.


Major database engines and forums of Edulix include :
- UniSearch/InfoBank
- UniSuggest
- VisaSuggest
- EduTravel
- Edulix DHL Express
- EduChat
- Profile Evaluation & Results Forums
- University Specific Forums
- Visa & Immigration Forums
- Private Messages
- Edulix Cafe
- Twitter Feed of Travel Plans and Admission Results.

UniSearch is Edulix’s database of student profiles and results. It has details such as the GRE/TOEFL scores, GPA, course and university results. Members can search through the database, based on filters, which gives them a fair idea of the admission trends. UniSearch has data of members since the year 2006 which is probably the only repository of such detailed data. Graduate studies aspirants can check the previous year UniSearch database and depending upon their profile, they can select the universities which they want to apply.

This is our brand new tool introduced in Spring 2014. Given the candidate's major are of studies, GRE scores and GPA, UniSuggest provides a list of universities where canddates of similar background were accepted over the past five years. This tool is very helpful to get started with the initial phase of drawing a starting list. The candidate then could go to the forums and post his/her initial list along with completed infobank/unisearch profile to get feedback from the edulix community of seniors.

This is a tool introduced in Spring 2014 and will immensely help in identifying what sorts of preparation our candidates have to do to secure a visa. This tool is based on a database of our previous applicant's experience over the past 5 years.

7. EduTravel
The travel planner is a utility which is not directly a part of the forums. It allows students flying to different universities to plan their travel and also coordinate their flights etc. with others going to the same place on the same dates. A member can either create his own travel plan, or search for already created plans to join them.

8. Edulix DHL Express
Edulix had made a business deal with DHL - one of the premier global postal shipping companies - to offer the cheapest courier service for your application packages to be sent to the US, Europe and Australia. This is a service that has been used by tens of thousands of Edulix members over the past several years. Today, DHL India, has a pick-up and delivery setup spanning across more than 600 offices, 2000 vehicles, 30+ hubs, almost 600 depots and sorting centers. You must be a registered member at Edulix to benefit from this deal. All you need is to show a print-out of your Edulix profile page.

9. EduChat
EduChat is an AJAX based group chat for Edulix members. The main purpose of the educhat is to answer quick queries from newbies who seek immediate help. However it is used for general discussions also, which are not directly related to the admissions process.

10. Profile Evaluation & Results Forums
Profile evaluation forums are probably the most viewed forums in Edulix and the one which newbies visit most often. Applicants can use this forum to ask for seniors opinion about the universities they plan to apply to and other universities which are known for the specified course. Seniors can also provide a fair idea of the applicant’s chances at these universities, based on their past knowledge of admission trends. The Results Forums are very widely read and keep members informed of the admission outcomes.

11. University Specific Threads
The university specific threads are a repository of information specific to a university, whether it is about the research or about the application process. Usually, an alumni/ student of the university takes up the onus for providing information and solving any doubts which applicants/ juniors may have. Since the thread is managed by students who have been in close association with the university, they are able to provide an accurate and helpful information in most cases, or at least can find someone who can.


12. Visa and Immigration Forums
After the applicant finalizes the university to go to, the next step is to visit the visa and immigration forum on Edulix. Right from the filling up of the DS160 forms, to the visual design of the consulates and the type of questions which a VO can ask, this forum has all the information needed to prepare for a student visa interview. Also as members appear for their interviews, they post their experiences on this forum, providing a valuable resource for future applicants to learn from.


13. Private Messages
Edulix provides a way to send private messages to other members. It is meant for quick and expedited replies. Though most discussions happen on the forum, PM’s can be used to exchange private information, say your email id/ phone number or to ask a senior to review your SOP and other discussions which you don't want the whole world to know about.


14. Edulix Meets
Though primarily an Internet forum, over the years Edulix members have organized user meets in different cities in India. These provide an opportunity for users going to the same university to get to know their future college mates before they leave the country. Even before deciding on universities, Edulix meets help students to get in touch with other applicants for the same course/university and make the application process easier for them.


Time to time, seniors at Edulix host webinars or conference to help the current applicants and newbie. Seniors studying at different universities answers to queries. They provide inputs on specific researches being carried out in their respective universities and in other known universities as well. The queries pertaining to availability of career opportunities in different domain are catered. Even though various threads are available to answer these queries, webinars provide a way for students to get real time replies and talk directly to the seniors.


16. Twitter Feeds of Travel Plans and Admission Results
Edulix also provides real-time Twitter feeds on travel plans entered by its members as well as live admission results from UniSearch as members update their profiles. http://twitter.com/Edulixing.


17. Real Time Admission Trend - Unisearch & UniSuggest
Edulix’s forum homepage also houses an 'Admit Scroller'. This scroller gives real time updates of admission trends at universities from data taken from UniSearch. It allows user to straight away see which universities are announcing results without having to go into the forum.


18. Membership
The registered user-base of Edulix has been constantly increasing over the years. In January 2017, Edulix had more than 310,000 members. The membership is projected to grow to around 400,000 by 2018.

Growth of Edulix between 2008-2014 - Approaching the hockey-stick curve!


19. EduMentoring
A new but natural venture for the Edulix community is the imparting of research experience to undergraduate juniors and seniors. Mentored by PhD students at some of the top graduate programs in the globe, undergrads learn the challenges and fun of fundamental research even before going to grad school.

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