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Edulix Username Change Policy
Only those usernames of Edulixians would be considered for a name change, that satisfy ALL of the following conditions:

a) All PMs related to username change requests should be sent to The_Observer with the subject line to read as "Edulix Username Change Request". Do NOT forget to send the following:

i) A link to snapshot of your real name being searched in a search engine as a keyword and your Edulix profile being shown. Searching for Edulix username directly is not acceptable.

ii) Send an email ID where we can contact you, if the username change is approved.

b) All username changes would only be carried out either by an Admin/Super Moderator at his/her sole discretion. Recommendations to do so can be provided by the Moderators as per their notice, but final decision shall be left on Admins/SMs.

c) Having your email ID as a part of your username will not be considered as a genuine request. The search engine snapshots should clearly illustrate the real name being searched for and Edulix posts/profiles being showed up.

d) As a general rule of thumb and to cater to privacy concerns of users, we suggest not to include personal details (name, email IDs etc.) as a part of your username on Edulix. Not all username change requests might be entertained, so to maintain control over your privacy, it is recommended that you pick a non-personal username right from the outset.

e) In cases where we see multiple accounts being created by the user, we shall impose lifetime ban for such profiles and IP bans if needed, again at the sole discretion of the Administrators/Super Moderators of this site.

f) Not having a 'cool' username is not an excuse for such requests. Any such requests will not be considered for any reason.

g) In all aforementioned scenarios, an Administrator or a Super Moderator reserves the right to change/modify the guideline on a case to case basis as needed.

Please send The_Observer a PM if you need any further information/clarification regarding this announcement. We reserve the right to edit/remove any of the aforementioned guidelines without prior notice and at any given time.

Thanks, and happy Edulixing, as always.

Edulix Admin team.
01-16-2012 11:50 AM
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