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I am an ex student of Stevens graduated in 2013 and have heard that this forum is quite active with students having enormous doubts and questions. While I already have a facebook group for the same, on student requests have decided to see how I can contribute here too.!/groups/169427036493933/


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Done, ShilpiTalukdar, thanks for the heads-up. Also, thanks, sudhir.muddana, for joining up here on Edulix and agreeing to take queries from people on this site.
sticky for Stevens...thats great...

Hello sudhir thanks for helping out.

I have few queries.

1) How is the faculty at the Stevens and the quality of education there.
2) Steven's is quite expensive college to attend that said what are the chances of getting GA/TA. I know it depends on our effort but I mean are there positions available to apply for.
3) Lastly, Stevens has been an unknown quality of sorts with not much concrete info available, can you please tell about your experience at the university, what is the reputation of the university in nyc area and how is the career services at Stevens.
Gunner_Ozil I am a fellow applicant for Stevens and have recieved an admit with a masters fellowship for Fall 2014.From what I have heard, Stevens has a very good connection amongst the Fortune 500 companies, location being an advantage.I would suggest searching for Stevens Alumni on linkedin..Most of the seniors are well placed and GA TA opputunities are plenty provided that you work had for it and netwrk better.I am opting for this institute mainly because of the reputation for good placements and the curriculum is very flexible.Also its situated right near NYC.

And yes, very less info is available about Stevens and that is why we requested Sudheer to create this thread.There is also a group on facebook for Stevens.

Tagging sudhir.muddana for further inputs
Great Initiative sudhir.muddana. Thanks for giving your time.

I request you to comment on the following points so that all the fellow applicants who are looking after this university get a good idea on it.

-> Course Structure.
-> Teaching Quality, How helpful the staff is?
-> Stevens is not nationally recognized, does this fact affect in any way?
-> Placement statistics of your batch.
-> Availability of your on-campus jobs.
-> There was a major finance scam in Stevens in 2010. Does it still have any effects?
To answer your questions to the best of my knowledge:

Stevens and its faculty are getting better by the day. In the USA, Stevens is known amongst the top engineering and innovation schools too.
Stevens is not that well knows when it comes to countries like india cause it is a growing university with a mission to be amongst the top. I felt the same when I cam here, but over time, realized that Stevens has a really good name amongst companies and people.
Another main advantage of stevens is its proximity from NYc, where most of the fortune 500 companies are based, and Stevens is very well recognized amongst them.
I understand that the fees are high, but Stevens is also ranked amongst the top Return on Investment universities in the US.
There are TA opportunities and the number of TAs required is growing per year.
Also recently learned that Stevens is giveing out Merit based scholarships which is a plus.
Stevens ha a good and a even growing placement record thats to its location and name here in the US. (especially MSIS and CS have im sure almost a 100%)
On campus jobs are available and again increasing to make sure students feel comfortable.

Hope this helps.
Hi Sudhir,

Among MSIS or MS in Business Analytics, which one is having more job opportunities.

Thanks in advance!!!
Well cant compare the two. MSIS certainly has great oppotunities, and with the introduction of Big Data and Analytics, BIA is also getting there.
Thank you for the initiative. Can you mention if the institution organizes any job fair or the jobs come mostly through networking? Could you also mention about the ratio of Indian students in current batch.
There are career fairs twice a year, one around march and one around october. In addition there are also information sessions that companies hold on campus. You can also apply from company websites for jobs.

There are a lot of indian students. Wont know the exact ratio, but a good amount i must say.
Hi Sudhir,

I have 5+ years of experience in Data Warehousing. so, considering my expertise which among MIS and MSBA do you think is apt for me?

Can we jump into Data Warehousing domain if we do MIS?

Thanks in advance!!!
Well you can jump. but if want want a more strong technical background since you already have 5+ yrs experience, you rather try for BIA.
since MSBA is pretty new course, i am very much afraid about the Job prospects.
Do you know anyone who is doing MSBA in stevens. so that i can clarify my doubts.

Thanks in advance!!!
You might want to join the Stevens groups on FB and ask there. I hope someone responds to you. That should be the best way!
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