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Hi all,
Please post your latest VI Experiences this Fall 2016. any new things this fall, i heard that this time they are asking financial papers particularly , so discuss here any new query's and developments in VI for this 2016 fall only.
arav I am not sure if you created this thread regarding German visa as I don't see any german university in your infobank, but as you posted it in Europe forum, this will serve as German visa thread.
I have some queries about the German Visa application :
  • Is travel Insurance necessary at the time of VI or can I say that I will submit it at the time of stamping?
  • I have yet to receive the original copy of my admission letter TU Munich(Sent on 17th May...still not received Sad ), however they sent a scan copy with the university seal and sign. They have mentioned in the email that I can use the scan copy for Visa purposes. So just want to confirm if I can indeed use the scan copy printout.(Has anyone done this before?)

Tagging Seniors who were active on last year's German VI Thread :
sambha ,

gabbar here Laughing :

1. No, you can apply without the travel insurance. They won't ask for it and even if they do, you can tell them that once visa is approved, you would present it. Also, it doesn't make sense to have a travel insurance when you are not sure if you will travel. You can also refer to the checklist here. It is clearly mentioned here

Also, just an info - it is quite easy to get the travel insurance just sitting at home (provided you have a credit/debit card). Not much of a trouble, where you need to go to some building etc. I got from Bajaj Allianz, everything online.

2. Yes, it should work. I also got the invitation letter/admit (for my research in Germany) from my prof, signed and sealed. It is sufficient. Just take out the print out and include it with your documents during VI and as a factor of safety, I would recommend taking a complete printout of the mail itself along with the invitation letter/admit letter (with the sender's email etc. all details shown in the printout). This would ensure that there your admit letter/case is genuine.

Hope it helps brother.


I am confused as to in which consulate I am supposed to apply for the visa because of this jurisdiction issue of the consulates:

My passport lists my address as Pilani, as I had taken the passport while I was studying.

My permanent address is in Hyderabad, the place where my parents stay. My DL, Aadhar Card etc have this address and even my admit letter has this address.

For the past 3 years, I have been staying in Shimoga, Karnataka, working for IOCL. I do not have any proof for this address with my name on it. I plan to ask my HR for a proof of residence pertaining to this address.

I am planning to apply for my visa at the Bangalore consulate as I have been living in Karnataka for the past 3 years (I have been told that at least 6 months is the norm), with my HR's letter as the only address proof.

Will this work? Or am I supposed to apply at another consulate?

Any input is much appreciated Smile

Update: I found my original rental agreement for my residence in Karnataka, which I presumed to be lost. So I can show the rental agreement and the HR letter as address proofs.

Call the Bangalore consulate and ask them if the HR's letter will be a valid proof. Else you will have to go to the consulate under which HYD falls.
(06-07-2016 09:16 PM)ishansaxena45 Wrote: [ -> ]@[sashi2295]

Call the Bangalore consulate and ask them if the HR's letter will be a valid proof. Else you will have to go to the consulate under which HYD falls.

Thanks for the reply.

As you said, I will contact the Bangalore consulate and find out.

Thankfully, I just found my original rental agreement which I presumed to be lost! Hope they say that it will suffice!
One of my friends is in this situation for his VI at Mumbai consulate. His VI is on 14 July. He wants to fly to Germany by 19 August for attending his university's German language course. He has two concerns:

1. He couldn't book a date earlier due to delay in arrival of his Admit Letter. But now it seems the letter has been misplaced and he intends to go with a color printout of the Admit Letter soft copy sent by his university. Will this be accepted by the consulate people ?

2. His main concern is the lack of time between his VI date and his date of departure. What should he do ? Does anyone have any idea on the average time taken by Mumbai consulate for approving Visa ? He has to enroll by 25 August at max. So he doesn't have much room either way.

Tagging seniors for this query
1. This year I have so many of these cases and I think it will work if he takes the relevant emails also with him.
2.I got my stamping mail from Mumbai consulate in 20 days but I think the time is not fixed. Having 6 weeks in buffer is better and then take a week for stamping as you need to submit your passport to vfs and vfs submits it to consulate for stamping and brings it back. So I think just a months time won't be safe.
I have a similar situation here. I am going for my VI at the Delhi Consulate. I booked my VI on 11th June and I got the appointment for 12th July. There was no earlier date available (frankly I didn't anticipate so much traffic). I will be travelling to Germany on 25th August. Keeping a buffer of 6 weeks for the entire process, I guess my schedule will also be screwed up.

Adding one more problem to the list, I never receive the hard copy result of TOEFL. I ordered for an additional copy on 25th May, but I am skeptical of it's chances of reaching home by the time I have my VI. Will it be a problem to just show the printout of the TOEFL score sheet?


I just sent email to embassy about booking the appointment . Today is 16th , I guess I will be getting date mid of july ?

Have u booked the ticket already for germany ? please share you PI when you get it done .

Good luck!
ankur35 Why don't you book you appointment online? Initially I had my appointment for 12th July. Then I kept checking the rescheduling state if there were any slots available. And Voila! I got one for 4th July, which is kind of ideal.

I will be booking the tickets shortly.

Yes. I will share my PI for sure.
I thought it can be done via email, now i saw it is available via vfs now .
Can you can explain , You have booked from below link under long stay visa then student visa . it is showing to me of 20th june LoL. it does not moving to july on my end in chrome
below is u
ankur35 Yes. Long stay Visa. Then Student Visa. Well, if you have all the documents ready, then 20th June is good, right?
If not, you can book for 20th June and then reschedule it.

Nothing is ready yet , I have to open a blocked account in kotak mahindra bank which is convenient for me and hardly 5 days process here . No deutsche bank here in Amritsar rest is easy to manage .

Ps: I got the date 21st july 8.15 am that's too early for me .
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