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I've had this idea of writing a beginner's guide to UFL for quite a while now. I thought it'd be really helpful to let others know about things which would ease the process of settling down here.

I hope others will follow suite, take a day or two off their schedules, and make university specific guides for freshers to their universities.

Note that this is a highly universitiy specific guide book.

[Image: Front-Cover06-minban-min-724x1024.jpg]
(Last updated: November 30, 2017. Version 0.6)

[Image: rsz_1rsz_download.jpg]

I’ve tried to cover the most frequently asked questions that I’ve noticed people asking about on Facebook, Whatsapp groups and on Edulix.

There’s bound to be lots of unanswered questions, I’ll try to work on them in revised versions of this guide. Anyway, here’s a synopsis:

Frequently asked Questions
Is UFL better than this other university I’ve gotten an admit into?
How is the internship/job scene at UFL?
How difficult is it to make TA/RA at UFL?
Are part time jobs easy to get?
I’ve been admitted, now what?
Accepting an admit offer, scholarship and other initial paperwork.
Getting immunization done
Getting your finances in order
Getting your I-20

How do I go about getting the visa?
Everything from paying the SEVIS fee to the final visa interview
Preparing for your travel
What you need to take and what you don’t.

Making travel arrangements
How to get to Gainesville.

The best places to stay while at UFL.

Paying tuition fees, setting up bank accounts and so on.

Where you can get what you need.

Choosing your first courses.

Health insurance
Something most people have problems doing right.

First day at UFL
Checking in at various places and so on.

Tips on everything from the best libraries to study in to why your ID card may not be working.

Greetings to others on Edulix who've helped both in personal life and an online one (not in order):
The_Observer, VMEHTA, Edulix_Editor, rochellea,
Awesome tool!

kudos man keep up the good work ApplauseApplauseApplauseApplause
Guide book updated:

Version 0.3

The world is looking forward to your "UIUC's guidebook for freshers"
A jewel.........


Well. Never thought about it. Maybe I will do it in Dec. Thanks for the idea. I know for sure that mine will be much concise than yours. You are too focused and output oriented. I, on the other hand, procrastinate.
(12-03-2016 09:06 PM)Edulix_Editor Wrote: [ -> ]A jewel.........


Thank you so much, sir.

(12-03-2016 11:23 PM)VMEHTA Wrote: [ -> ]@[hexinx]

Well. Never thought about it. Maybe I will do it in Dec. Thanks for the idea. I know for sure that mine will be much concise than yours. You are too focused and output oriented. I, on the other hand, procrastinate.

December has passed, "my wayward son". Wink
J.k, focus on looking for an internship first.
Guide book updated:
Version 0.4

Version 0.4 revision log:
Spelling corrections and writing errors corrected.
Updated rent rates for all locations
Added details for printing locations
Added minor details throughout the book.

Awesome. Imagine if we have such living document for USC, ASU, UNC, UTD, etc.

Hope you are doing well.



Your efforts for creating this guidebook is I am sure going to benefit a lot of people. Great work! Keep it up.

This leads to an idea in my mind. Edulix_Editor Perhaps we could also have something like a university ambassador system on Edulix? What I mean by this is, perhaps hexinx you could also network with Student's from other departments and try to find out information about other departments too so that you could post them on edulix whenever a student has a question or can also connect candidates outside your faculty to get more information about your university?

Just an idea! Don't know how insane that sounds.
Rogue really insane.....but love it. We need to refine it and define its scope more concretely, though. Others????


We can make this also something universal on edulix. Each university has an ambassador. And this ambassador (I believe should get a special edulix badge because they deserve it for the responsibility and position they would handle) should over time try to gain information about a more general scene in their university and specific departmeant related information that is even outside their own departments. Each year before the application season begins, we should host a series of sessions on Skype with this ambassador and potential applicants/applicants/admitted people to the university. This will help students interact with someone in a one-on-one basis and help them get their questions answered. Of course at other times during the application season and post that, questions can be asked and answered on the forums but having a one-on-one conference with an ambassador of a university could be quite helpful for future applicants in my opinion.

I remember implementing this scheme also for a special BITS2MSPhD group that we had for our BITSian community and I believe this has helped a lot of students and it is also a source of networking in my opinion. It could serve a two fold purpose.
Sounds amazing. I can be UIUC ambassador.
(05-23-2017 10:03 PM)VMEHTA Wrote: [ -> ]@[Rogue]
Sounds amazing. I can be UIUC ambassador.

UIUC Guidebook for freshers.
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