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Hello all,

I got admitted to CalPoly San Luis Obispo MS BA for the fall 2017 term. I'm thinking of joining it, over LSU, UIC and UTD(same program everywhere). The main reasons being,1)the tuition is a lot cheaper, 2) location being Silicon valley vicinity, 3) strongly feel course structure is closest to what I want.

I would like to know if there's any risk joining as the course is relatively new and this will be the second batch to grad.

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CalPoly SLO has a huge reputation for undergrad because their course work is awesome and they focus on teaching a lot. For grad school, however, they had not built a reputation. Most employees come to hire BS graduates; not MS. Therefore, you will face that risk. Silicon Valley is about 3 hours away.

I think you should consider UTD. Forget LSU - Louisiana has not yet recovered from the devastation of Katrina Hurricane.

In the meantime, can I please ask you kindly to fill out your UniSearch profile with university lists and other details? It will be tremendously useful for the next generation of users.

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