Full Version: Utah vs. UIC PhD in Computer Science
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PhD admission in Computer Science, systems and networking field.

Utah offer: 1 year fellowship, RA thereafter (most probably with an experienced American Adviser)

UIC offer: starting with RA from young Indian adviser.

How do you feel about comparison of rank, location, etc..

Hi hmdred

Based on the information you provided me through PM, this is my response. I am posting it here so that it helps others as well by pointing out some of the criteria we look at.

Young professor with energy and lots of enthusiasm. He will give you lots of attention as you will be among the first PhD students. He may go also out of his way to find you good placement. He is also Purdue PhD himself. The project he may fund you is perhaps the NSF grant he had with his Purdue connection.

All in all, based on your circumstances, I recommend UIC over Utah.

Please update your UniSearch with your profile and list of universities. That will really help our next gen of applicants.

thank you,

Thanks EE.

It would be great if others comment as well, or vote at least!
Sorry, for late response to your PM. My answer is still UIC. There is small risk just like everything in life; but you will be served better with PhD under this particular professor.

Keep in touch. We would like to know how things pan out for you.


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