Full Version: Need help in University Comparison for Fall 2017 in MIS/ETM
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Hi Everyone,

I got an admit from the below-mentioned colleges.

San Diego State University (MSIS)
Portland State University (ETM)

Could you please let me know which one should I opt for (course structure,internship opportunities,part time job,reputation, alumni network).
Looking forward to the reply.

My profile:
GRE 306 (Q:154 V:152) |Under grad : 60% |Toefl : 102 |5 Years Exp relevant

Updated My info Bank :

Tagging seniors:


Are you expecting admits from any other schools?

I am expecting replies from some colleges.

I have updated my infobank:

Thanks for the link on placements and H1B visas, I will go through it.

Can you please suggest which course would be better among these two colleges. I am really forward to these two colleges.

Thanks in advance.
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