Full Version: Roommate needed | Female | UTD-ITM | House to be found
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I'll be joining UTD for Fall '17 (ITM). Looking for female roommates to take an apartment with. Ping if interested!
Hi I am Sananda, MS CS Fall 2017 and i am interested. However i would prefer university housing at University Village.
Chemgirl It would be easier to workout the housing using the UTD Fall WhatsApp group. Just put out a post and ask interested people to contact you.
You will have a separate group for Hyderabad as well,So you can post in that as well.

sanandabanerjee If you are sure on University housing, then I suggest you apply as soon as possible.
MSmaverick ,

Hey, Ive already done that..Thanks a lot..You may delete this post if you can.. thanks Smile
But having the content on Edulix is useful for our community. Why give all the data and traffic to Zuckerberg alone who will make his billions while we kill altruism-drive sites like Edulix?

Think about it.

Hehe I didnt think of that..I just posted on all possible forums that Im looking for a roommate..Razz
Worth thinking about though Smile
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