Full Version: Decision Help: UMBC vs NJIT vs FSU (all for MSCS)
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I am really confused about my final decision in MSCS for these 3 admits,
University of Maryland Baltimore County, New Jersey Institute of Tech & Florida State University.
I want to know which university is the best in terms of education quality and job prospects!
Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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I'm not really aware of the strengths of the schools and what area of interest you are looking for in them but below is my comparison list from someone who stayed in the US.
1. FSU has good funding chances for your profile and Tallahassee is in Florida, implies it is expensive to live there. Amazing weather.
2. UMBC elicits a negative reaction because of Baltimore locality. Crime rate used to be very high and it is definitely above the median. The weather is between FSU and NJIT.
3. NJIT is the better of the 3 in terms of location when compared to crime and companies. It has a good Indian population but can be freezing in the winter.

I'm not answering wrt jobs and education quality but my hunch says pick NJIT.
Thanks for the info aditya57
Waiting for suggestions:
Well, all three programs are very modestly ranked with no great distinction between them in terms of program quality. However, other factors such as employability may introduce a little bit of a difference.

In general, you will have fairly similar outcome with all of them with the caveat being NJIT (despite high tuition) has a very good record of good placement. We have had many Edulixians who had gone to NJIT and seem to be doing very well.


Personally I'd lean towards UMBC. I have been to UMBC and NJIT, and honestly, neither campus is anything to write home about. Security is a problem at both campuses, yes, but more so at UMBC as compared to NJIT. But, where it tips the scales in favor of UMBC is the coursework and research, especially in areas such as HCI and Intelligent Systems. When you look at employability - which is a very subjective topic and is dependent on a variety of factors - sure, NJIT does have a bit of an edge due to its location, but from what I know, UMBC grads have been able to offset the lack of that edge. So, there too, I'd lean towards UMBC, again because I don't see all that big of an advantage with attending NJIT, that too by spending all that extra money.
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