Full Version: Spring 2018|MS|CS|GRE-312(Q-162/V-150)|UG-65%|TOEFL 99|PICT, Pune
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Please evaluate my profile and give me suggestions regarding universities.

GRE - 312 (Q-162/V-150/AWA-4)
TOEFL - 99 (R:24/L:28/S:23/W:24)

B.E. in Information Technology from
Pune Insitute of Computer Technology, 2012
PICT also provides college transcripts with GPA
GPA - 3.4

Professional experience: 5 years
Domain: Cloud Security
Experience in Java, Python and C++.

Current role: Senior Software Developer

I want to specialize in Security domain.

Please suggest me the universities I should target in Spring considering my specialization goal, internships and job opportunities in future. I've shortlisted some. Review those as well. Will also like to stay close to silicon valley but my first preference is a good university with awesome professors in the security domain.

1. University of Sothern California
2. Arizona State University
3. University of Illinois, Chicago
4. University of Florida
5. NYU Tandon
6. University of San Francisco
7. San Diego State University.

Tagging seniors

Add Buffalo & UTD.

(05-20-2017 07:05 PM)Edulix_Editor Wrote: [ -> ]Add Buffalo & UTD.


Ok. Thanks. Will add them.

Any say on the shortlisted universities? Specifically University of San Francisco, NYU Tandon and SDSU.
Hello, seniors.
Please reply with reviews on the shortlisted universities and provide suggestion to remove/add any university.
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