Full Version: Fall 2018 | MS Thesis | Civil | GRE (Q-159 V-156) | TOEFL 106 | GPA 8.86 | COEP Pune
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My name's AliMurtaza Kothawala.

Link - My InfoBank

I am aiming for a Masters in Civil with emphasis on Transportation Engineering. I later want to do a PhD. Not necessarily right after my MS. Following universities are targeted.

- Purdue
- Virginia Tech
- Georgia Tech
- UC Berkeley (ambitious)
- UT Austin
- Texas A&M
- MIT (super ambi)
- TU Delft
- U Maryland CP

2 Questions -
1 . Which of these are achievable?
2. Should I retake GRE because I fear my current scores downplay my profile.

Congrats on having such a nice profile.

I do not know how's UMCP. but rest of the list seems decent. Also, if I were you, I would try to get a funded admit. So, start approaching profs. at these univ so that you can do an MS-Thesis. Refine your list by going through previous transportation admits on edulix. You will get an idea what suits better. Also, search and contact transportation people.

Search HERE.
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