Full Version: Fall 2018 | MS CS |Data scien| GRE 314 (Q -159, V -155) | CGPA 7.2 (VTU)| Exp:37 mont
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MS | FALL 18 | CS | Data Science
Hi, Please evaluate my profile for Masters in Computer Science (Data science/ Data analytics/ Big data).
Gre Score: 314
Verbal: 155
CGPA 7.2
Work experience: Currently working in Oracle Cloud. 3 plus Years of job experience.
You might want to check the coursework of a few programs first and shortlist a few universities first. KDNuggets maintains a good list (Might not be up to date)
Yes, please. Do as per what anonymox has told you above, and post an initial list here, after you've looked at different univs, the courses they offer, their costs and once you've ascertained that you'd like to be in any of them. Don't bother applying to programs you're not really interested in - only apply to programs that you're sure of being interested in attending, otherwise applying to them is only a waste of time, money & efforts.
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