Full Version: Quant :- 162, Verbal :-151, AWA 3.5 , MS In MIS
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How are you? Simardeep this side.
I have a question for you, could you help me to evaluate my profile for MS(MIS) in U.S.

GRE - Quant :- 162, Verbal :-151, AWA 3.5
TOEFL - Scheduled on 30th Sept. Expecting 100.
Graduation :- B.Tech Electronics And Communication Engineering from Guru Nanak Dev University scoring as CGPA 8.67/10
Currently Working as Pure Android Developer in TCS (Pune) for past 3 years.

Others :-
I am Oracle Certified Java Professional.
I have won on the spot awards from TCS for my leadership skills and coding skills.
I was NSS captain way back in my college and has won Best Organizer Award at camp.
I have multiple debate, declamations, impromptu awards from my school and college.
I will be so happy to get my profile evaluated by you. Waiting for your response.
We would be glad to evaluate your profile, but only for a set of schools you provide us. Don't expect us to bring you a university list on a silver platter, pulled out of a hat. We're not counsellors, and we don't do that here. Our ethos here on Edulix is that all this legwork is to be done solely by applicants. Please visit each program's website, and see which courses each program offers. If a program has enough courses in an area you want to learn about/specialize in, then consider applying to it. If you don't like the program structure or courses at a given school, no point applying there if you're not completely on-board with attending it. Once you have a decently-sized list, around 15 or so programs overall, post that list here then for us to eval.
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