Full Version: Profile evaluation for Fall 2018 MS EE
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Please evaluate my profile for Fall 2018 for MS in Power Systems/Energy Systems.:
I was wondering if the universities listed below are achievable with my profile.
GRE 314 (V-151, Q-163,AWA -4)
TOEFL-105( R-24,W-27,S-27,L-27)
CGPA-9.23 BTech in EEE (SRM University)
Internship 1(without a project) (related to the field of interest)
Summer trainings-2(related to the field of interest)
Additional training-Embedded C for 2 months.
12th 89.5% (ISC)
10th 94.2%(ICSE)
Projects -1 project (related to the field)
3 other projects (not directly related )
Co curriculars -decent
Community service-1 year experience
LOR- from research project guide(PHD), HOD.
Online certified courses-2
But currently working in CTS which won't count.
Please state whether the universities are too ambi/mod/safe:
TAMU College Station
University of Houston
University of Minnesota twin cities
Iowa state university
Suggest a few more universities which might be achievable.
Thank you in advance.
1) Please see point #1 below.

2) Please change the title of the thread as per the format used by other people in the forum. This will enable evaluators to look at your profile at a glance and give you our best guess estimates.

3) Give us as many details as you can, especially about your research project. It'll help us give you a better eval.
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