Full Version: Fall 2018 | MS | CS | G.R.E 329 (Q-170/V-159) | GPA 8.90 | TOEFL 112| IIIT, Delhi
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Profile Evaluation for MS in CS (Fall 2018)

B.Tech. College: IIIT Delhi
Field of Interest: Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning
Degree Goal: MS
GPA/Percentage (Indian scale): 8.90(B.Tech. CSE)
Toppers percentage (or GPA): 9.97
Your rank in your class: Not Known, probably top 10% (B.Tech. CSE)
GRE: 329
TOEFL: 112 (R : 30, L : 30, S : 23, W : 29)
1) IBM IRL (Summer 17, 3 months) - Hierarchical Object detection in large images.
2) IIIT Delhi Research Intern (Summer 16, 3 months) - fMRI Brain Segmentation techniques
Submitted or Accepted publication: 01
Indian conference : 01
Multiple Projects in AI - Deep Learning, NLP (Includes BTech Project, Independent Project and 3-4 major course projects)
1) IBM IRL Advisor - Strong
2) Assistant Professor, IIIT Delhi - Strong
3) Assistant Professor, IIIT Delhi - Moderate
Preferred Universities:
1. Carnegie Mellon University
2. Georgia Tech
3. UMich
4. University of Washington
5. University of Toronto
6. USC
7. Columbia University
8. UBC
10. Northwestern University
Please classify the university choices as ambitious, moderate and safe and in case all are ambitious, please suggest few according to my profile and field of interest.
Additionally I had a doubt whether it was wise to contact professors or PhD students in the research groups or centers of interest. Lastly, will the speaking score of 23 in TOEFL impact my chances of admissions in the above universities although there might be no specific hard sectional cutoffs mentioned on their websites?
Thank you.

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It would be great of anyone could help with this. Also, I don't think I have been able to tag the people above properly. I would appreciate it if anyone could reply with the correct tagging as well.

@[*username here*] is the right way to tag people
Eg. ayush14029
Great scores. Applause
Tagging even more seniors :

I don't evaluate CS profiles
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