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Hi all,

Requesting you to kindly evaluate my profile and give me suggestions regarding universities. I would like to pursue MS in CS(Machine Learning).

GRE - 304 (Q-160/V-144/AWA-3)
TOEFL - Scores Awaiting
CGPA 8.45/10 B.Tech. in Information Technology from National Institute Of Technology, Durgapur(2008- 2012).
12th 80%, Kendriya Vidyalaya Tuli, Nagaland(2008)
10th 90%, Kendriya Vidyalaya Tuli, Nagaland(2006)

Following research papers has been presented by me:
1. Towards Optimizing Average Journey Time in a City at the 1st International Conference on Computing Business Applications and Legal Issue, IMT Ghaziabad, New Delhi, India, March 3-4, 2011 pp. 260-271, Proceedings of Computing Business Applications and Legal Issues.

2.Presented another paper 'A Formal Teacher Student Interactivity in a Tele-Teaching System” at 6th National Conference on “Information Technology and Energy Management” at GLA Group Of Institutions, Mathura February 20-21, 2010.

Having around 5 years of working experience which includes 4 years as Automation Tester and 1 year as Android Developer.

Below listed are the colleges for which i wanted the evaluation of my profile:
1. California Institute Of Technology
2. University of San Diego
3. University of Southern California
4. UC Irvine
6. Georgia Tech
7. Cornell University
8. Columbia University
9. CMU
10. Stonybrook University
11. North Carolina State University
12. University of Florida, Gainsville
13. Texas A&M, College Station
14. University Of Minnesota.

My profile on unisearch:

Thanks in Advance!
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