Full Version: Fall 2018 | MS | DS/BA | G.R.E 317 (Q-163/V-154/A-4)| GPA 8.9 | TOEFL 114| BITS HYD
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GRE: 317; Q-163 V-154 AWA-4.0
TOEFL: 114
Work Ex: 2+ yrs as Software Development Engineer in Amazon
Undergrad in BITS Pilani Hyderabad MSc(Tech) Information Systems - 8.9/10
10th : 93.0%
12th : 94.2%
DS/ BA experience: No publications; Research experience of 6 months during undergrad in cloud computing and 3d modelling; ML class during undergrad

Basic questions:
1. Rolling Admissions : Some universities state that they admit on a rolling basis. Does this mean there is a chance that the class is already full, even before I submit my application? How do I make sure of this...

2. Taking the GRE again : What would be an ideal score to increase my chances to some of these universities.

Program: Business Analytics
Duke University
Georgia Tech
Columbia University
University of Texas at Austin
USC Marshall
Arizona State University
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
University of Chicago
University of California-Davis
University of Rochester
North Carolina State University
Purdue University
Rutgers University
University of Cincinnati

Program: Data Science
University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Columbia University
University of Virginia

I'm planning to shortlist 2-Ambitious 4-Moderate and 2-Safe Universities. Need your help to evaluate these universities.
You need more moderate and safe bet programs.

Clemson or George Mason U

Tagging seniors
Edulix_Editor - thanks for the suggestion, will look into these universities and add them to my safe list
Edulix_Editor The Mod-Safe universities you've mentioned seem to have a very high ranking (>100).. is this because my GRE score is low, or based on the overall profile. What can I add to my profile to increase my chances of getting into the universities I'm targeting...
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