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Hello folks,
I am currently confused about applying to masters programs in Computer science.
My initial plan was to pick universities with strong research going on in visual computing, all over the world. Having realized that my profile might not be strong enough for this I've decided to only apply to German universities because at least then I'll get to do research as I've heard the quality of German universities is pretty even. Part of the allure is also the lack of tuition fees at German universities.

What do you guys think? Any advice, thoughts etc..?
German universities aren't bad at all, and some of them are amongst the best in the world. If you like a program, I'd say don't hesitate in applying to them.

Go through the Europe admissions forum here for more pointers.
Thinking a little bit more, I am also concerned about not applying to enough universities. I want to land an admit this time and I am worried my strategy of only applying to German universities might backfire. Do I make sense?
Yeah. With applications, regardless of the country you're applying to, there are no guarantees as such. If you want to hedge your bets, apply to some US schools - I'm saying this not to suggest that it's easier to get into US schools in general as compared to European ones, but just because there is a high number of schools here in the US to begin with, you might get into a few here if you apply smartly.
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