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Chip in your interview experiences for the JN TATA scholarship..

Mine was on March 28th...Im in final yr of Biotechnology

Mostly technical... on general awareness abt my field..
Also some questions regarding the subjects of my interest...
Future plans after completing studies..

There were no question abt my extra-curricular work.... Sad
only technical.. I wonder whether its a good or bad sign... Confused
anybody has any clue?
26th march (CS grad)
there were couple of other edulixians too on that day (3 others atleast)

it was technical mostly...related to area of app in CS...if u have work exp , they ask u abt work exp, if u have any admits in hand, they take a copy of it for their records.

if u r preferring any particular univ over others(some of which could even be funded) they are likely to ask u the reasons.

and also ur future plans after completion of ur grad.

other than that, was also asked what i do outside computers...if u speak of any books u like reading, they are likely to ask u why.

and starts off with "tell me abt yourself" the std question in almost every interview.
i had mailed Tata Trusts quite late(after deadline for applyin)... initially i had planned to fund my studies myself wit loans but an unexpected admit frm UMich s makin me think.. i surely cant manage $50k a yr...

do i ve any chance of receiving any correspondence frm them? i jus received a "thank you" mail in ack to my mail...

Can anyone tell about the various organizations where we can apply for grants , schloarships in India, for the MS program.
Chek out

plus try google search.... I wasnt able to find a comprehensive list of all the scholarships organisations.. The information was mostly scattered...

Plus, I do remember seeing some post on edulix dat listed the scholarships offered.. try the search feature on edulix....

Did you receive a scholarship application form from JN Tata endowment?

i called them abt it n they said its too late to apply now as interviews have been held n most decisions arrived at..
Their deadline was Feb 15..

Anyways, there are others u can still apply to...

looking, but for all i have browsed, deadlines are over.. still searching..
I had managed to reach my application material to their (JN TATA found.) bang on the day of deadline.. No correspondence since then... Prbably they have declined my application in the initial screening.. but is there ne way to get this confirmed frm them??
Wait for a week or so n then email them or call them politely telling them that u are expecting some correspondance...
sweeteldora Wrote:Wait for a week or so n then email them or call them politely telling them that u are expecting some correspondance...

alrite.. thanks for the reply..
Buoy... I dint even know such scholarships existed... Confused
is there ne1 for TATA interview for EE??
hm Wrote:is there ne1 for TATA interview for EE??
I had apped for EE but havent got the interview call ..
when did u get urs?? and when approximately did u apply?
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