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TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - scofield1144 - 04-07-2014 05:10 PM

Hi everyone,

I got an admit to the CSE program in TUB.

Received the following mail this evening

Dear Applicant,

we are happy to inform you that you are one of 80 applicants that have been selected by the CSE admission's board for the 2014 intake. Congratulations!!!

!!! Note that this is a preliminary admission; your file is now being sent to the International Office where your degree is being assessed (hence the application fee). In about two weeks we will send you an official acceptance letter from the university stating all details for your next steps. !!!

What do you have to do next?
Nothing. Enjoy the fact that you have been accepted and wait for a separate email in about 2 weeks with your official acceptance letter indicating the next steps.

What could I do now?
Many CSE students are part of a Facebook group - go ahead and connect to get to know some of your senior students and ask some questions.

EDIT: Unfortunately no such group exists in FB

Again, congratulations and you will hear from us soon.

All the best,

Last year's CSE thread for reference

TU Braunschweig Admits 2013/2014

The mail communication between a CSE senior and me is as follows, hope it answers most of your questions

Quote: Hi,
> I have got an admit to TU Braunschweig for CSE course. Where do you study now?
> I got your contact from your last years thread on TUB CSE admits. Please guide, your points will be highly valuable.
> ------------------------------------------


Congrats on your admit. I am studying at TU Braunschweig - CSE course.

I just finished my first semester. The University is reputed and the course is challenging. I hope you are aware that you need DSH-2 in order to start your Master Thesis. So I advice you to do as much as German levels in India before coming here. A2 would be perfect so that you can start with B1 here. I did A2 in India and now I am done with B2.2. I only have DSH exam remaining that I would hopefully give in September. If you can finish with B1 in India, that would be great. But A2 is also ideal.

Regarding the course, its a good balance between Maths, Programming and your specialization field. Do take into consideration that you will have to take 15 Subjects, 1 Mini Project and 1 Master Thesis and in additional the German courses. So it will be hectic at times but manageable. And since its one of the TU9 Universities, the job opportunities would be good after Masters. That's what I assume.

In which field are you interested in? Where else have you applied in Germany? Any other information you require, feel free to ask.

Also apply for Room right away. Do not wait because finding a place to stay can be a challenging task in Braunschweig.


Thank you for your reply.

Im interested in Finite Element Modelling (it may change after doing some basic courses).

I have also applied to Stuttgart - COMMAS, RUHR - CompEng and TU Dortmund - MMT. Looking forward for admits from these universities.

I am very much apprehensive about studying in German. Firstly, CSE course itself would be tougher since it involves lot of mathematics. Adding to this, studying it in German may make it more complex.

I am already away from books for 3 yrs.(since I'm working). I will make it for this by revising certain basic subjects from UG, still I thought that I should have some breathing space to adopt to the new culture & university environment.

Regarding the job scenario, I wanna know what your senior batch students are doing now, are they placed in job or pursuing their PhD now?

Good to know your interest in Finite Element Analysis. But if you want to pursue a career in the same, then it's very important for you take basic Mathematics course in PDE and ODE. They are not difficult I can assure you. But any Master's study will have Mathematics courses. So hard to imagine that you can avoid them.

Even I had worked for two years but then you have to adjust and get back to books sooner or later. That shouldn't be a problem I guess.

I am not sure about the job scene here. It all depends upon how much you work hard. So can't give a judgement on seniors performance. Few are working already and few still doing their Master Thesis in a company. But I am sure of that there are ample of opportunities in the field of FEM/Structure related field here as compared to CFD/Fluid field. All job opportunities depend on your German language skill. So only if you are highly motivated to study and work in Germany, then choose Germany as your destination. But with your 3 years job experience, finding a job should not be a big problem.

I got some queries regarding the course

1. It has been given in the course website that some compulsory courses will be in German & their lectures will also be in German....? please tell me the actual scenario?

2. If that is the case, I think there are lotta difference between what we study in the studio D book & the technical stuffs...? and how should we write our exams in German or English...?

3. It has been given in the admit mail that totally 80 students were admitted, how is it distributed between the three streams mech, civil & EEE from which the students come? I guess 80 students will not be in a single class? How many are in your class?

If you have Mechanical or Civil Bachelor degree or interest, then you dont have to worry a bit. You can take all courses in English and write the exams also in English. For Electrical stream.some courses are in German.

Advanced courses in Mechanical might be in German but you can always give exam in English.

Majority of the students here are Mechanical. And we have around 45-50 students in our batch.

You have mentioned in your earlier mail that one has to take 15 subjects in the course. Does it include all the subjects including the electives or only the compulsory subjects?

How much will be total expenses for the CSE course? Since the course has a tuition fee of -730 euros per semester, and a living expenses of 700 euro per month, I'm planning to take a bank loan of 17 lakhs. Will it suffice.for the completion of course?

Or I must consider other expenses like travel, books, cloths, etc.?

From October onwards, 500 Euro tution fee will not be taken. So only you have to pay 270 euros as fee per semester. (500+270=770)

Also generally the monthly expense is around 370-450 Euros and not more.

So calculate accordingly and take a loan.

Travelling expenses is covered under 270 euros you pay to the University.

Are they relaxing this 500 euro tuition fee from this October? Then it should be only 270 euros per semester.

Can you please tell me what does 500+270=770 mean?

Yes they are mostly going to relax. 99% sure. 500 euro is the tuition fee and 270 euro is semester contribution fee that you pay for additional things like travelling expenses and administration charges etc.

270 you will have to pay in any case. 500 will be relaxed.

It has been mentioned in the FAQs that we would need 700 euros per month as living expenses. But you have mentioned max.450 euros only...Does 700 euros mean the maximum amount we would spend?

Yes thats the maximum you will spent. It is there assumption that we would spend that much. We dont generally. Unless and until you party every night. Smile

But in any case you have to show 8,040/- euros for Visa which you cannot avoid. This 8,040 is for one year and your money will be blocked in Deutsch Bank and every month Maximum you can withdraw is 670/-.

So I would say take a loan of 10000/- euros. And transfer that in your Deutsch Bank Account. This money is sufficient for atleast 16-18 months. And back your self to get some student job here in second semester here and cover up remaining amount.

That would be my advice.

With CSE kind of course, where we have to spend lot of time to study the subjects and the language courses, will it be possible for us to do a student job...?

Yes. I am doing one and many others are doing too. So definitely you can do it. Our course requires a lot of planning. But things can be managed.

I have booked a room in the student residence using the link given in the FAQs page. I received a mail which states that my name is in the waiting list.

What would be the further steps I need to do to confirm the room and how should I transfer the money for the same?

No, just wait for them to allot you a room. No need to pay anything now.

1. Are there scholarships for CSE students? though there are not many scholarships available in Germany, just wanted to know if any such scholarship is present.

2. And I am from mechanical engineering, what are the subjects should I review for studying CSE? please guide...

Yes, every semester there are scholarships available. When you come here you will be able to apply as well.

Just revise basic Mathematics and programming if you can.
Best will be, if you can know a bit of MATLAB.

What are the levels there? for eg. here it is A1,A2,B1,B2.1,B2.2,C1. Is it the same there or different?

How long it takes to complete each level there?

Are the language courses free at the university?

Yes the german courses are free.

And same as in India. A2,B1,B2.1, B2.2 and then DSH.

DSH is like Toefl exam. You have pass that inorder to start your thesis.

I advice you to cover as many german levels in India. Maybe till A2.

what about studying the programming language and maths.

Which programming language should I review C, C++? Name some some softwares, I will practice only those with the time available with me.

And Mathematics, we mechanical guys had 5 papers

1. Maths 1- matrices n vector algebra
2. PDEs n calculus
3. Transformations - laplace, fourier n Z
4. Probablity (I think I need not study this)
5. Numerical methods- which had iteration n etc.

Among these which part should I review.

Programming can be C,C++ or Java. But you wont require C or C++ in
first semester. you will take a course in Java in 1st semester so you
can learn there.

Matlab is important as you will have to do assignments of Mathematics in Matlab

PDE is one subject you will have and some part of it will be a repeat
from undergraduate course.

Matrices and Vector algebra will be useful in almost all subjects. So
revise that. But after you come here, they will take refresher courses
where you can learn. So dont take much tension.

Numerical methods (Iterative solves) will be taught in both ODE and
PDE. But you will have to implement those methods in Matlab.

I would say concentrate on your german than anything before coming
here. Coz once you start with your course you will hardly have any
time for German. So dont forget that German is as important than any
other course.

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - sobhyyehia - 04-07-2014 11:14 PM

Congratulation Man Smile

You got the acceptance very early

I didn't get any response yet

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - sobhyyehia - 04-07-2014 11:25 PM

Any One Else Got E-mail Like that

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - sobhyyehia - 04-07-2014 11:50 PM


RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - christiealappatt - 04-08-2014 10:07 AM

I too got an admit from TU Braunschweig for CSE Very Happy

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - radhakrishna_ou - 04-08-2014 11:11 AM

Hello Guys,

I am radhakrishna. I have also got the mail from Annika that i got an admit. I have applied for Esslingen and Ruhr also.

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - sobhyyehia - 04-08-2014 12:25 PM

so I am rejected Sad

can I know when did you get the admission letter ?

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - scofield1144 - 04-08-2014 12:52 PM


Dont come to such conclusions by yourself. Mail them regarding this, you may in the waitlist.

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - sobhyyehia - 04-08-2014 02:37 PM

thanks Dude
I'll wait a while and then I will mail them Smile

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - scofield1144 - 04-08-2014 09:52 PM


Please post your queries here, PM for any other things. I rarely check my mail.

PS: update your infobank using the tutorial in my signature.

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - rakshit1992 - 04-08-2014 10:10 PM

@scofield1144 congratulations on the admit. I am expecting some reply this month. Did the Braunschweig people provide you with any application or reference number while evaluating your profile?

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - scofield1144 - 04-08-2014 10:20 PM


Thank you. No they haven't provided any app no. I received a mail from them on 31.3.2014, stating that they reviewing the apps. now & no announcements can be made as of now.

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - mutaibmz - 04-08-2014 11:42 PM

What about the fb page they r talkin about

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - scofield1144 - 04-09-2014 08:35 AM


There is no such group exists. I thought of dropping a mail to raise this issue to Annika.

Did anyone find any other group for TUB CSE...?

RE: TU Braunschweig applicants/admits 2014-15 - sobhyyehia - 04-09-2014 04:43 PM

When did you send your Papers