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admission for industrial engineering - - 10-14-2000 11:15 AM

i have finished my undergraduation from
Manipal Institute of Technology,
Manipal, INDIA in Industrial and
Production Engineering with a degree of
67% in July 2000
i have just taken my GRE scoring a
total of 1860
the break being as follows:



i plan to pursue a masters in
Industrial engineering
and join in fall 2001
please reply stating my prospect of

i am presently working in an air
conditioning firm
and i would like to have a lsit of safe
colleges where my admit would be sure
with some sort of financial aid to bear
my expenses

reply asap
thank u
praveen rego

Response to admission for industrial engineering - - 10-18-2000 09:17 AM

Virgina Tech Industrial Eng. Programs (Human Factors or Manufacturing) would be a good option to explore...Reputable program with well-funded research projects.