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Profile Evaluation Guideline - 2017 - Edulix_Editor - 11-19-2016 05:43 AM

Edulix's Guide to Profile Evaluation
Author: ~ Dragon_Warrior
Edited/Updated: EE

Hello Edulixians!

With the onset of late fall and spring, we see an influx of new users, fresh faces with aspirations to pursue their higher studies abroad. Each and every new user here is looking to understand something, either about the process, or courses or research or just want to get in on what the entire hullabaloo of studying abroad is all about.

Edulix, over the years, has been successful in catering to needs of each and every user by channelizing the knowledge of previous applicants and university seniors right down to the newbies.

This Profile evaluation forum aims at helping those lost souls who would have completed their exams (GRE,GMAT,TOEFL,IELTS etc) and are now looking to shortlist Universities abroad to which they intend to apply. Applicants can post lists of universities they have in mind and request a Senior to have a look at it and classify them on the basis of which universities they are likely to have a shot at! But yes, all good things have a price. The price you pay here is not monetary but in the form of abiding forum rules.

Important things to keep in mind when posting your evaluations in this forum

1. Please read the profile evaluation guidelines first!
Any Profile evaluation requests which are not in-line with the guidelines will not be taken up for evaluation. Period.

2. Create Unisearch Profile
Creating a Unisearch (synonymous to Infobank) Profile is a must. There shall be no exceptions. The seniors shall not entertain the requests for evaluation unless you have a populated Unisearch profile. Each year we receive questions asking why we mandate the aforementioned regulation. The primary motive behind maintaining your profile record is to develop our database that shall be used by future applicants when they find themselves in your shoes. The Moderators of this forum shall be reviewing your Unisearch profiles as and when they hit your thread, so please cooperate.

Your unisearch is not considered complete unless you fill out the miscellaneous section of the infobank with COMPLETE and ELABORATE details on your work experience / research / publications / achievements or any other information that you think will be relevant to and accentuate your admission. Understand that this is very important when your profile is being evaluated as it helps evaluators gauge your chances more accurately.

For those of you who don't understand reasoning, No Infobank No help!

3. The best place to get started is UniSuggest. It will help you compare your background with similar profiles all over the globe, with special feature for profiles from your own undergrad university (seniors & current applicants). This tool then gives a large number of list under 'ambitious', 'moderate' and 'safe'. You can then trim the list down to as many as 15-20.

4. Create a thread on profile evaluation threads asking seniors to help you short list and tweak the list.

a. In the subject field for the thread, use the following Edulix standard format:

Fall 2017 | MS | CS | G.R.E 340 (Q-170/V-170) | GPA 4.0 | TOEFL 110| IIT, Roorkee

5. Tagging Seniors

We have an excellent feature which allows our users to tag other users in their posts. The tagging scheme results in an auto-generated Private Message (PM) sent to the concerned user. This calls for the immediate attention of the tagged user and helps in getting faster replies. Please exploit the efficiency of this feature by tagging Profile Evaluators in your post. Remember, you cannot tag more than 5 users in the same post.
Use the following construct for tags: @[ username ]

Example: To tag me, use @[Dragon_Warrior]

Kindly note that modifying a post in which people are tagged sends them multiple notifications. Please avoid doing so as it is not very pleasant to receive numerous notifications for the same query and in fact it wards off people from your post.

6. Avoid Re-tagging Seniors incessantly. It is a common practice on Edulix to say nothing if some sensible advice/information is already given by someone else. So refrain from unnecessarily tagging seniors if you have got your info or eval from another senior. If you specifically want a senior's opinion, a good rule of thumb you can follow is to retag them after 2 days in case they do not reply. Nobody likes multiple notifications for the same query. Incessant retagging will not get you help any faster, in fact it may get you no help at all.

7. Do not Multipost. Multiposting is detrimental to the site as there are so many unwanted threads for students who come after you to dig through for info. Its like littering all over the place, please be "Edulix Friendly" when you use this site. Multiple/Duplicate threads will be deleted / locked without prior notice. Users who continue to Multipost after repeated warnings will be banned.

8. Be courteous when you ask for help. Nobody likes to be ordered around and especially not when they volunteer to help despite their busy schedules. Remember, nobody here is paid to help you.

And please Do not tag seniors who are not relevant to your field of study. Check the profile evaluators list and tag the appropriate person.

9. Maintain decorum in the forums. Refrain from personal slander and accusations. Kindly report any posts that you feel are derogatory or tag a moderator/Super moderator/ Administrator at that point and apt action will be taken. People misbehaving with any user or the Management Team of Edulix will face a permanent ban from the site. Everyone must listen to and abide by the directions posted by the moderators.

10. No requests to "Suggest universities" will be entertained. We here at Edulix believe in a strictly NO SPOONFEEDING policy. We expect each and every Freshman to do their bit of homework first. If you are asking for a profile evaluation, you need to come up with the list and are expected to have done some bit of research on each and every university in your list. You can also use the UniSuggest tool to come up with a rough initial list to feed your research too!

Seniors are here to help in this journey. Feel free to PM them if you are stuck somewhere and at the same time please respect their privacy as well! Use the resources that Edulix has to offer wisely, there is a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. Have a Happy Apping season and a great academic future ahead!

All the best!

~ Dragon_Warrior

RE: Profile Evaluation Guideline - 2017 - venkataram6 - 05-21-2017 09:30 PM

I got GRE 327 cgpa 9.5 working on paper for speech processing can I get admit for Ms in ECE in UC Berkeley Stanford etc for fall 2018 pls evaluate and advicethanks ram

RE: Profile Evaluation Guideline - 2017 - The_Chharraa - 05-22-2017 09:09 PM

(05-21-2017 09:30 PM)venkataram6 Wrote:  I got GRE 327 cgpa 9.5 working on paper for speech processing can I get admit for Ms in ECE in UC Berkeley Stanford etc for fall 2018 pls evaluate and advicethanks ram

@[venkataram6] Please create new thread. Your comment and thread title are no where close.

RE: Profile Evaluation Guideline - 2017 - Nanna - 05-24-2017 06:27 PM

I have 2 admits one from CSu east bay - MSBA and another from SANTA clara MSIS. Since, Santa clara is way too expensive.. Shall I opt for CSU east bay.. Will it be a good option or shall I drop and apply next time? Please advise wrt career prospective?

RE: Profile Evaluation Guideline - 2017 - VMEHTA - 05-24-2017 07:30 PM

Quoting @[The_Chharraa] here : Please create new thread. Your comment and thread title are no where close.