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More questions regarding subject test in computer science - - 10-18-2000 10:28 AM

Thank you sultana for the prompt reply.I have identified the universities in
which some of them don't want the subject test. Even in their case I want
send the scores as I think I will have an edge if I do the test well. Now in
their case, will the delay in sending the scores delay my application process.
Will they wait till they get the scores though its not compulsory for them
(assuming that I inform them that I am writing the subject test) or will they
process the application form and then change the status once they get the
Thank you

Response to More questions regarding subject test in compu - ysert - 10-19-2000 06:11 PM

Hi Jeevan,

The ideal case is submitting ALL documents in a timely manner but in most cases we have to deal with lots of paper work and send them in portions in order not to miss some deadlines. In your case, for the schools which does NOT require subject test but you want to submit it to increase your admission chance, it will probably not affect your admissions whole a lot if you got a definite "yes" or "no". However, if you are at the limit of "yes" or "no" for admissions, probably they'll hold your application until they receive the subject test score. This is also valid for financial aid, if you are accepted to school but at the edge of financial aid, competing some other VERY closely qualified candidates, they'll hold their decision (for a reasonable time, not necessarily until they'll receive your score).

Best wishes,
Yalcin SERT