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shorlisting of universities to 10 - - 08-17-2000 07:12 PM

Please shortlist the universities I'm
writing below to 10.My GRE score is
2150 and I want to do MS in Electrical

1]University Of Texas,Austin
2]University Of Texas,A&M
3]University Of Maryland
4]Penn State University
5]Georgia Institue Of Technology
6]North Carolina State University
7]University Of Southern California
8]University Of Wisconsin,Madison
9]University of Florida,Gainesville
10]Ohio State University
11]Virgia Institute Of Technology
12]Perdue University
13]Rutgers University
14]Syracuse University
15]University Of Texas,Dallas
16]De Paul University

Response to shorlisting of universities to 10 - - 08-19-2000 12:54 AM

Hi Vishal:

Here is the short-list with 10 colleges. As usual, I have divided them into 'safe bets' and 'tough' ones. I have also included application fee for foreign students.

'Tough' for Admit + TA/RA

(1) U Texas at Austin - $75.0

(2) Georgia Tech - $50.0
Perhaps USC....I love USC but perhaps not as much for the EE Dept.,

'Safe Bets'

(1)Ohio State Univ..ranked top 10 in EE.$40.0

(2)U Texas at A&M - $75.00

(3)Penn State..ranked in top 10 - $40.00

(4)U of Maryland - $70.00

(5)Virginia Polytech Inst. (TA/RA sometime difficult. but EE Dept is mor egenerous than others) - $25.00

(6)NC State - $55.00

(7)Rutgers or Syracuse - both $50.00

(8)UT Dallas

Hope this helps...and Good Luck...

A. Bikila