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Plan for MS in US
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Plan for MS in US
Hello everyone,this is a compilation of threads and info for a successful journey of MS in US right from your thought of GRE to completion of MS.
General threads may be helpful to everyone but few may be related to those having interest of networking,telecommunications,wireless as their specialization as I'm similar kind.

Quote:Most of us who completed Engineering might have missed these but still a section for those who are still out there in college days.


Undergrad Internships: why, where, when, how ?

EduMentoring - Research Experience through Mentoring

Mentor's better than reading

How to be a RA/JRF at IITs/IISC... My experience and advice

Some words of advice (wisdom?)

HOWTO improve one's profile

How to: Research, publications, internships.

Being an RA

MS in US or Government job ?

What is d scope back in India..??

[OT] - Why leave India? - Pls ans by Jan 2

Quote:Well planned is half done!Think carefully before you step-out for preparation of GRE and plan of MS.Get an idea about things by reading and knowing INFO as much as possible.

How to Plan your Application Season

USA - From Scratch to Beginning of Classes - Points to ponder

A Guide to Applying to Engineering Grad Schools in the US

Application Process for MS in US Universities-An Essential Website for your plan

All About Target MS in USA

GRE FAQs-Courtesy Nitin Madnani

US Application Guide! A roadmap

Beyond Applications: Start now !

An Article in THE HINDU on GRE

Newbie Presenation by Wordbot


Pros and Cons of fall and spring session

Ashwin Kashyap's nice compilation: Juniors read on!

Hear it from the seniors-A Compilation of Threads

Some useful tips before applying, application and after applying

Graduate Funding, why it is important and why it has to be treated delicately.

Must read if you are new to GRE forums

Is Canada better choice than US? A perspective


How to build a stellar research profilewith prof lett update

[OT] when is the appropriate time for contacting professors?


Compilation of Important threads in the PhD forum

What reasons prevent you from pursuing a Ph.D.?

PhD CS Resources

What exactly would one call "research experience"?

Review/Research paper Help !!!- Wireless Comm

Approach to publishing ->top-down or bottom-up

On publications

How to publish your work: Nitish's thread

Publications and Impact Factors

Some thoughts on reading research papers

List of ECE Conferences and Journals

Top CS conferences and journals

Quote:Besides GRE preparation,follow your interests of study-do some research on specializations and univ. providing them-Don't forget that you can select 4 universities after your exam-Make a wise decision.

University Specific ECE Specialization Updated List.

universities based on ECE specialization-2009 Archive

The Telecom Thread !


good universities for computer networking

Information Security Thread : Seniors Plz Pool in

Communications & Signal Processing Thread

The Embedded Systems Thread (Please read first post)

Universities based on CS specialization-New List

Universities based on CS specialization-2009 Archive

***Edulix Rankings of Top-50 CS programs (Revisions)*-2007 Archive


ABC Univ v/s XYZ Univ

###Fall09 - Information Regarding University Applications - Regularly Updated..

Can US News College Rankings be trusted?

A Complete University Analysing Website


MIS - Mega Sticky

All about MIS - Mega Sticky

MIS Course Comparisons - Useful Links

Compilation thread of MS-MIS universities info. (Fall & Spring)

MIS Universities Fall 2012 - Compilation and One Stop MIS Shop comparison doc

Quote:Never take it light,prepare well-follow your strengths and overcome your weakness-never leave your weakness- the better you score-the better chances of good univ.

GRE preperation strategies

All the books and materials related to revised GRE & Feedbacks for the same.

Revised GRE preparation: Let's all converge here

Revised GRE Experiences

GRE and TOEFL Experiences

The complete dummy's guide to writing the GRE

GRE takers -- Strategies for prep

Useful online links for GRE prep

AGRE : Everything about it!


TOEFL -iBT Consolidated Info.

what all to read for AWA preperation

AWA: Logical Fallacies - Defined

How to prep for AWA??????.......5 weeks left for test

Anatomy of AWA Issue For the Noobs

Recommended and non-recommended TOEFL centers

Thinking of taking GRE again: Read this once

Quote:Got good score!!!!........geared up......Look out for SOP'S,LOR'S etc.Be specific and simple.Check out the Application Procedure.

Writing etiquette and effective communication


Index - Application Specific Queries (Universitywise List)

WES credential evaluations - Demystified

Ten Stupid Ways to Ruin Your Application

[IMP] GRE/TOEFL score reporting, Some OLD THREADS.

Transcripts Procedure/Queries - Indian Universities

Communication is important: Learn to write proper emails to professors and others


###Fall09 - Information Regarding University Applications - Regularly Updated..

All Spring 2010 application deadlines (EE/CS ) have been compiled here..

University status check..

Compilation of Status Link for universities


SOP flaws and faults

SOP limit for universities

Elements of a good SOP (with SOP related queries)

The SOP clichés to avoid

[O/T] How to write a SOP by Carla Trujillo

please give some good links for writing a sop

Common Mistakes while Writing SOP - Just another Opinion Smile

For freshers.. A very good article on SoP!! Updated: good tips to draft/obtain meaningful LoRs!!


Compilation of threads on Letter of Recommendations

Compilation of threads on Letter of Recommendations

Compilation of threads on Letter of Recommendations

Quick points for Graduate School Recommendation Letter Writers

Post Your Recommendation Letter Related Questions Here!!

Writing Own Recommendations. Need suggestions Badly.


Please post general queries on Filling up appl forms here

Online application doubts, questions and concerns!, Please post all in here!!!

Fall 2012 - Applications Packets

Filling Forms

Normally what a packet should contain??

How to make packets?

application packet

Application Packet

my pakcets information

Fall 09 - Number of Transcripts

Quote:VI is your final step to MS and permission for MS.Manage your finances well and be confident in VI.

FAQs in Visa Thread

Visa counceling session with Visa officer

"5 Secrets of Applying for a U.S. Student Visa!"

Top 10 Mistakes at Visa Interviews

USA Technology Alert LIst(TAL)-Everything about it

221(g) COMPILATION - TAL Facts, How to avoid it, VISA experiences

All about I20s, Visas, CPTs, OPTs, Extensions and H1Bs

Start managing your finances for Visa from now on

Scholarships/ Endowments/ Interest free Loans

Student Loan: an article (made readable !)

The Definitive Guide to Visa Finances

Financial and Bank Loan queries Mega Sticky

Provide I-20 amounts with split-ups for Fall 2009 admits

i20 amount for Fall 2011

Quote:Cleared your VI and ready to pack yourself to US.Till now you have cracked some exams and similar ones.But here starts your journey and real life exams.Don't forget to check out these threads.

One-stop guide for Students going to US!

Collection of informative posts-MUST CHECK AFTER VI

Pre Departure Mega Sticky / All Important threads here !!!

List of campus safety links for various Universities

Video tutorials for master students

Indian Students Association links

Difference between Thesis and Non Thesis Degree

Exams in the US

A small advice to aspiring students for managing Coursework

[OT]: Helpful links for grads and faculty.

Why do Master's (and espcially non-thesis) students find it hard to get funding?

Life in College Station...

Quote:Landed in US......Good enough to see wonderful places,nice sceneries,beautiful girls.......relaxed!!!!. There is no time for that dude-huge loan to pay on your back-hopes on you by your parents and efforts you have put to come till here-don't waste them-study well-get a good GPA-good job with hand full of money and hope we can enjoy whole life after this.

How to excel in Graduate Studies

Tools every grad student should know

[OT]:First semester story.

What matters most - Jobs and Internships!

How to - Info-Sec jobs, internships and such.

Job Titles Post MS-MIS : Purpose + Requirements

How to get part time jobs in US - Simple yet effective steps!!!!

How to crack a super full-time job offer in US after masters!!!

Internship for Spring admits?

Quote:I have consolidated many threads here but there are many other compilation threads on Edulix.Some of the links provided under this section or the threads inside them are already present under different sections here.All the threads given under different sections in this thread will suffice most of the info needed but still you might need some extra info.Hence,this is the section where you will find the Compilation of Compilations (CoC) with additional info.

Engr 2007 Mega Sticky!!!

Must Read Threads Before Applying

The Engineering / Sciences Mega Sticky [ Must Read Threads ]

GRE Preparation to VISA ,Must Read threads

Compilation of threads regarding all departments

Branch and Specialization Focused Threads - A Compilation

Index to University Specific threads

All about Universities

Few useful threads in this forum

[OT] Compilation of Best "OT" threads on Edulix, Must Reads

Quote:Go through these for easy and fast browsing on Edulix.

Quote:As I have seen an annoying custom on many threads,I am making a note of it....Do not make any irrelevant posts of PREP or PE or APPS or VI queries on threads,especially on the compilation threads.You don't get a reply as well as you spoil the beauty of the thread.Stop doing such things,If you are new to this forum,look at the categorized sections and some sticky threads which would help you and then start posting in the appropriate forums.

A Quick Guide to Edulix!!!!

Edoogle/Edulix Forum Search

Guidelines for Posting Questions - Read this first

Theou-Anu guide for n00bs on how to use EDULIX

Tutorial for newbies on how to create an Infobank(UniSearch) profile

Tutorial for Existing users: New Way to make your Unisearch profile a part of your post

Please go through this before making profile eval requests

How to come up with an initial university list before creating Profile Eval thread ?

Making better use of Edulix

Making better use of Edulix




  • I have posted this thread as such I feel that there is no AIO(All In One) thread.
  • I thought this is right place,If not I request mods to move it to right place.
  • As I m new to this forum,If there are any mistakes I request mods to rectify them.
  • I also request mods to make this sticky if its worthy enough.
  • I have no idea whether I can post links of websites and other forums which are relevant,If yes I can add them too which would be useful I hope.

I will keep this thread updating as I browse through the forums and internet.
Suggestions from seniors and members are most welcome.Send me a PM.

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07-26-2012 02:26 AM
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