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Demystifying the TH-Ingolstadt International Automotive Engineering Admission Process
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Demystifying the TH-Ingolstadt International Automotive Engineering Admission Process
Well, almost.

I had applied to the International Automotive Engineering program at TH Ingolstadt for the Summer of 2014. The University does not ask for GRE, GATE and mentions that work experience has no consideration in the admit process.

Quote:Selection of applicants is based on the grades. We don't take working experience into consideration.
Since our program is more oriented towards mechatronic in doubts applicants having studied electronical engineering, automotive engineering or mechatronics or applicants who have passed subjects that show a strong and comprehensive background in control engineering and mechatronics are preferred.


No GRE, no GATE, no German language skills required. A minimum TOEFL iBT score of 71 is the only additional requirement. This leaves a lot of candidates wondering about their chances. We've seen seniors are just as apprehensive about providing a PE for this course.

I'm hoping my rejection letter, which was very comprehensive and satisfying, might give others an insight into their chances to this course.

Quote:We received more than 750 applications.

We sorted out applications

- without a signature on the application form
- without any certifications/transcripts
- without any language certification or hint that English has been language of instruction
- with a grade less than 79% GPA-values or CGPA-values are transformed to percentage values

The remaining 92 applications have been ranked and 55 have been selected.

The first and second reason had me stumped. How would someone not sign their application form... and how would one forget to attach the certificates?

Now, when I thought this was it, the University kindly sends out another mass email detailing these points one by one.

Quote:Of course, 99% of the applicants signed their application.
But, a few did not. Since the number of applications exceeds the number of places (20-25)
by far, we use this criteria to sort out some applications.

In general, work experience is not taken into consideration.
The IAE-programme is a consecutive programme. Work experience is not a requirement.
Therefore, we can't reject applications if the applicant does not have work experience.
In a few cases, when there are two applicants of almost equal performance
we give advantage to the applicant with work experience.
However, missing work experience is not used to sort out an application.

Same holds for knowledge if German. It is helpful. It may be an advantage.
But it is not used as a criteria to sort out an application.

The grade is the main criteria.
If the grade is given as CGPA/GPA the grade is transformed
to a percentage value. The formula applied is used by unversities in USA.
In case of CGPA/10 the final grade does not directly correspond to the percentage
value. Instead a slight reduction is done by the translation formula.
Therefore, an applicant with 8.5/10 is not evaluated as 85% but as 80%.
If the grade is given as a percentage value, we asked for additional information:
marks achieved, maximum marks and minimum marks.
We use these data to compute a German grade:
german_grade = 1 + 3*((max-achieved) / (max-min))
If this grade is lower than 2.5 (=68%) your application is rejected since it does
not fulfill the requirement. Otherwise this grade is used to rank the applications.
For the summer term, a grade better than 1.9 (or 79% if German grade cannot be determined)
has been necessary.

We selected 55 applicants. There is no waiting list. We assume that about 25 will

Most important things to take away from the last email
  • TH-Ingolstadt IAE intake is 25 students or less.
  • Your 8.5 CGPA will be converted to around 80% and then this data is converted to the German grading system using the Bavarian formula german_grade = 1 + 3*((max-achieved) / (max-min)) . Use this calculator from Uni Paderborn .
  • The examples of grade 2.5=68% and 1.9=79% are arrived at based on the assumption that minimum percentage is 36%. If your minimum possible percentage is 50% then the conversions change accordingly. Grade 2.5=75% and Grade 1.9=85%
  • Around 750 students competed for 25 places ( in SS 2014)
  • Your work experience has no power here until the final boss battle. When you have to battle it out with somebody who has equally good credentials..
  • Your German language skills have no power here
  • Mechanical Engineering students are at a disadvantage compared to electronics, automotive engineering, mechatronics and computer science students.

Hope that helps, any queries please put them forth, I'm sure with seniors help, we might be able to figure out answers.

PS: Rejection mails aren't something one generally flaunts. So if you're in the mood for some personal 'attacks', please take your valuable contribution elsewhere.

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08-08-2014 03:24 PM
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