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German VI Exp | 6/7/2016 | Mumbai Consulate | RWTH Aachen | Comm Engineering
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German VI Exp | 6/7/2016 | Mumbai Consulate | RWTH Aachen | Comm Engineering
The Germany VI season is up and running. And finally after scouring through the numerous VI threads, here is my contribution.

I had reached Mumbai a day earlier as I had to get my Biometric photos taken at the Atlanta Photoshop. They open at 9.30 am and my VI was scheduled from 9 am, hence photos could not be done on the VI day. And that decision proved to be great. After getting my photos clicked, I decided to look up for the the German Embassy. After Google Maps pointed me to the wrong place. (Yes, Hoechst House is the Embassy but Visa Interviews take place in a different building.) I asked the way around. The approach road is just opposite Nariman Bhavan with the entry gate opposite Jamshed Bhabha auditorium(NCPA). I confirmed the place with the guard standing outside and he advised me to come by 8 am for the 9 am slot.(Heard this the First time for Germany Visa).

Visa Interview Day:

I reached the venue by 8.10 am. There were already many people standing outside. Just as I reached, the guards asked all applicants to form a line (and let lady applicants and families to stand at the startingConfused). I was at the fag end of the line with around 15-16 applicants ahead of me, And I was looking towards spending a long time at the embassy. While in line, the guard checked our appointment letters. After half an hour of standing in the line and enjoying the Mumbai rains, (fortunately we were inside a shed), I entered the premises.

I was thoroughly checked.(Even my empty polybag was scanned with the wandBrick wall ) My switched off mobile was taken and put in a box and a slip issued. Here the guard gave me further instructions, but in Marathi. I wasn't able to understand anything at first, but was able to gauge the overall meaning. He was telling me : Take the DD, 2 DD forms, extra photo and Passport to the counter first and get token issued. Then come back and arrange 2 sets of documents according to checklist. And I did just that, and guess what my token no. was 8. Very Happy Hell even after entering so late I got an earlier no. just for listening to the instructions carefully and having made my sets beforehand.

The checklist was the same as posted by earlier applicants:

1. Application Form
2. Declaration
3. Covering Letter
4. Admission Letter(If applicable, contract of agreement between institute and applicant)
5.University/diploma/12th along with your mark sheets in descending order(8th sem to 1st sem) *including backlog mark sheets*
6. Blocked account statement( not older than 3 months)
7. Proof of Financial means(only in cases where university tuition fees are applicable)
8. Proof of Language Proficiency(TOFEL/IELTS- not older than 2 yrs)
9. Goethe-zertificate(not older than 1 year) *they do accept older certificates*
10. Copy of passport

So, after this initial drama, the interviews started at 9 am sharp. Meanwhile, I was passing my time talking to two other student visa applicants. This helped calm some of my pre-interview nerves. They were progressing very slowly and my turn came around 1.30 hours after the start. The VO was a lady ( late 20s or early 30s, this trend still continues CoolCool). The VI went as follows:

I - Good Morning Mam ! (With the biggest smile)
VO- (smiles) Good Morning. Which visa are you applying for?
I - Student Visa, mam
VO- Ok, Please Place both sets in the box.
I - Ok Mam ! Do you want the originals as well ?
VO- Yes
(Takes my documents and takes one photocopy set and starts asking me questions)
So which University and course and why are you going to Germany?
I - (was expecting this and had prepared earlier) explained in some detail
VO- Ok, why specifically this course ?
I - told, (in the end I explained that I am looking to Specialize in Signal Processing but the course is flexible enough to enable me to choose another one)
VO- Ok, so after how many semesters can you change specialization ?
I - (cursing myself for having said that) No mam, there we have to choose electives according to our intended specialization. The course allows us to mould our own specialization.
VO- seemed convinced (meanwhile was highlighting information from my documents such as my GPA, BTech branch, enrollment date, etc.
VO- Ok, so when is your enrollment ?
I - told
VO- Ok, But in your admission letter it mentions that you can also enroll later.
I - Yes, mam but I want to attend the German language course offered by my university.
VO- So, what is the medium of instruction of your course ?
I - It is completely in English, but the university has a rule that we need to complete till B1 for graduation.
VO- And how many semesters do you have to complete this level ?
I - told
She was reaching the end of my documents. Since my German A1 certificate was more than 3 years old, I was a little worried.
VO- So you already have an A1, good.
I - Yes mam Very HappyVery Happy (Yes, she did not see the dates)
VO- Ok. Please fill up this questionnaire
I - Ok mam.
The questions were like this
1. Why Germany? Where did you come to know about the course? specify website.
2. Why this course?
3. any other universities you applied ? Why did you choose current university ?
4. Researchers in your field? Please do not mention professors from your course.
5. Modules of your course?
6. % marks in 10th,12th ,bachelors and medium of teaching?
7. Gaps in education if any(more than 6 months)?
While I was filling the questionnaire, she checked my originals and then typed something on her computer.
I - Mam, here is the questionnaire, completely filled.
VO- Ok, is there any tution fees in your course?
I - no mam
VO- now I am going to take your biometric information. Please place your right hand fingers then left hand fingers and two thumbs one by one on the scanner
I - Ok Mam (My hands were sweating and were leaving marks on the scanner. So she had to pass me a tissue to clear up after every iteration)
VO- So, the procedure has ended and you will get a e-mail on this e-mail id in 8-12 weeks.
I - Ok Mam, no problem. Thank you so much.

And that was it. No second year finances, no grilling on this uni over other. Nothing at all. Came out of the embassy and celebrated with a Chowpatty Barf ka Gola and a long relaxing walk down Marine Drive (The weather was just perfect at that time, with no rains or heat)Very Happy

Things to be noted:
1. Always come prepared and listen to/read the instructions carefully. (There were people there who had made only one set or had missed out on a thing completely from their checklist)
2. Do not staple any documents.There will be paper clips available there to attache for each set.
3. In case you miss out on the DD form or Acknowledgement, they are available at the Embassy itself. No need to panic.
4. Do not, I repeat, do not let your eyes wander from the VO even if angels are floating behind her seat.Very HappyCool

So this was my VI.

EDIT: 02 August 2016

Received my Visa Approval mail on 1 August 2016. Will be going for stamping on 3 August at Mumbai VFS Centre, with the following documents.
Note: There is a appointment for Mumbai VFS centre. Take it before going there.
1. Passport
2. Travel Insurance (Was asked for 6 months)
3. Itinerary of Travel
4. Receipt received after Visa Interview.

Back and ready to roll !!

Tag me for Signal Processing related and Germany related queries.

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