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Guidelines for Posting
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Guidelines for Posting
When you post questions for soliciting advice and counsel with regard to admission processes, please follow the guidelines indicated below.

A) Post the Following vital information
1) Your Acads (%age or GPA). Indicate how your acads compare to those of Class or university topper's.
2) Your Curent University or Alma Mater
3) GRE with full split V+Q+AWA
4) Department applying to e.g EE, CS, Mech. Also add the specialization, like DSP, Networking, AI, etc.

B) Provide a list of universities that you have considered
1) Initial list. We hope that you have invested some amount of research into it hopefully.
2) please include the weblink of the program they are applying under each univ. (courtesy: wordbot)

C) Please also provide relevant additional Information
1) Related Work experience
2) Published Papers, Good Research and completed industrial/academic Projects

D) In addition, please adhere to the following misc. items
1) Stick to single thread as far as comments on list goes.
2) BOUNCE/BUMP-Up your message only if your query has not been answered in 2 days. Please do not start another thread.
3) Do not put ur list in someone elses thread...start ur own.
4) Do not address posts to specific persons in the forum.
5) The advices and counseling provided here should be taken as only a 'useful and helpful opinion'. We do our best to give you the best advice available anywhere.

E) Use a proper subject line in this format

Fall/Spring 2010 | MIS/MBA | GRE | TOEFL |academic percentage/CGPA

For example : Fall 2009 |MIS|1520|114|7.62 CGPA

and as far as not use Sir on ur posts. this is a very informal forum

Please enter your profile[Education, %age, GRE, major, work ex] in the occupation tab of your profile. So when a member gets an accept/reject, we can immediately get his/her profile without having to ask him/her.

Subject: Mention which dept u r applying to, what semester? Make it meaning full.

this helps ppl to choose if they want to read it or not. (courtesy: apper)

while posting ur queries try to put the queries in points as 1,2,3.... it helps other to get the clear view of wat exactly is asked ...putting the query in a continous paragraph may lead the viewer to skip several of ur important queries and also several times the viewer might skip the post after seeing the long continous paragraph of query ... (courtesy: jo_blr)

Finally..I would like to add that I request you all to please keep the OTs here to minimum..Lets get down to business here!!

Edulix Team

Acknowledgment: The above guidelines were initially forwarded by 'Taranis', one of our senior members at Edulix

Thanks to kuchcha for posting this in the forums

Banking in USA || Infobank ||My Visa Interview || MS in times of recession || Posting Guidelines

" Could u please send me ur LOR's and SOP? " - Dont send me silly PM's like this..

If you have any queries about the MSIM program in the University of Washington,post them in the University of Washington thread in the MIS forum
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