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Writing Own Recommendations. Need suggestions Badly.
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Writing Own Recommendations. Need suggestions Badly.
Hello All,

I am about to start preparing the recommendations. My professors will not write for me. So I have to write all the three reco and brag about myself !

PLEASE give me some suggestions. I need it badly. I heard that U.S. admission boards know that Indian recommendations are written (most of them) by the students and they take it as a crap !

I am afraid that all the recommendation may be of same type as I am writing it. There are some points.

1. I decided to corroborate the statements of SOP. Like.. I will write about the extracurricular activities in my SOP and the prof will highlight about it in the recommendation to imply my leadership and potential.

2. I took advices and suggestions from my profs several times regarding research and publication. It may come in the reco.

3. I am not in top 5%. But I am one of the top five students in the dept. Should I mention it ?

4. I am gonna apply for two M.Engg programs which are definitely for those who are interested in post M.S. job rather than Phd. So how should I approach about this in the reco ? I have no work experience.

What others point should come ?
What are the common mistake which people used to made in the reco ?
What kinda reco make good impact in the admission board ?

PLEASE give me some hint. I have to write THREE different reco for myself !!

Thanks in advance

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10-09-2010 10:41 PM
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RE: Writing Own Recommendations. Need suggestions Badly.
Please note that this thread is being displayed here only as a note (and a warning) to not use Edulix for any such purpose in future. We are here for the easy access to useful info and to share it effectively, within legal & ethical bounds. Nobody here, especially us (the moderating team of Edulix) supports, encourages or tolerates plagiarism in any form, written or otherwise. Soliciting such requests may be considered as (1) plagiarism, (2) unethical behavior, and/or (3) actions unbecoming a graduate student. Hence, it has been decided by the moderating council of this site to not tolerate any such posts/threads henceforth.

Please note that I'm not singling anyone out here, not even the person who has asked this query, but am just establishing and reaffirming the formal policy. Every university has an academic code of conduct, binding on every applicant applying to that university, and actions such as these may be in direct/indirect contravention of those policies. Penalties imposed by different univs. to deal with academic conduct breach cases are different, but are generally very severe, and may also result in expulsion of the guilty parties. The moderating team and members of this site ( shall not be held responsible for the actions of individual members resulting in any kind of loss, monetary or otherwise, for any party concerned. Edulix takes no responsibility, of any sort or in any form, for the opinions or comments expressed in the posts, threads and other content on this site, and the opinions expressed here are the responsibility of the individual poster(s) alone. As an applicant, it is solely your responsibility to understand the governing policies of and those of the individual universities, and abide by them. Any users found to be breaking any such applicable local, state, national, federal or international laws or policies would be dealt with strictly and immediately.

1) Please mention as many details as possible about your academics, research and work-ex, in terms of projects worked on, technologies used, roles/responsibilities handled, papers published/presented, awards/honors obtained, etc. All those have to be put in the misc details section of your UniSearch profile if you expect any help on Edulix. Also, before requesting for profile evaluations, please go through this excellent post.

2) Please take some time out to read these three threads in their entirety. PLEASE do that before asking questions about universities from a comparison perspective, or jobs, or coursework, or H-1B visas, or "placements", irrespective of which univ/department/program/major you're applying to.

I love to read, and then I regurgitate. I write - a lot - as my posts here and on other outlets would show. I do not make apologies for what I write (and how long it is). I do not sugarcoat things either. I don't tolerate vague questions, for any reasons - ignorance arising out of an inability to locate information when the necessary tools to do so (i.e. the internet, libraries, university websites, other forums/bulletin boards, etc.) are readily available, is not any kind of an acceptable excuse.

"Don't be daft." - Ancalagon The Black

"With the exchange rate where it is now, it should be a strong deterrent against picking a slightly better program for a lot more tuition fees." - coolguru
10-11-2010 10:40 AM
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