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Infobank is a MUST
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theou huios Away

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Infobank is a MUST

It has been decided that from now onwards all prof evaluations would be done only if OP creates his/her infobank profile with all details. This decision has been taken to fill up the data which we have lost due to repeated DB crashes. I would request all members to create/update their infobanks with latest information.

@mods/prof evaluators/seniors

Please ask for Infobank profile to be created before evaluation is done. And if you see anyone who hasn't created his Infobank profile please ask them to do so to obtain future help.

@Fall 2010 and Spring 2011

As you all know information pertaining to our batch has been wiped off from Infobank. I request all seniors to create infobank profiles again so that Uni Suggest could use that data to suggest Uni's to newbies.

We need to update the n00b guide too. Will do it soon.


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10-19-2010 07:42 AM
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The_Observer Away
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RE: Infobank is a MUST

I concur wholeheartedly with theou. We here on Edulix are committed to making this a pleasant & profitable experience for everyone, mainly the appers. One critical way in which we believe we can help most of the appers is by providing tools like the UniSuggest feature. For such features to work efficiently, we need a large set of data to extract results from. But for achieving this end-result, the first step is to obviously collect as much data as possible. That's why we require all Edulixians, mainly appers, to update their infobanks. The more recent & accurate the data is, the more helpful it would be for future appers. I think that compared to the usefulness of this site, taking out a small portion of your site to create & update your infobank profile isn't a big ask at all. As always, we are here because of you, and for your needs; therefore, help us to help you. Thanks for your cooperation! Smile

1) Please mention as many details as possible about your academics, research and work-ex, in terms of projects worked on, technologies used, roles/responsibilities handled, papers published/presented, awards/honors obtained, etc. All those have to be put in the misc details section of your UniSearch profile if you expect any help on Edulix. Also, before requesting for profile evaluations, please go through this excellent post.

2) Please take some time out to read these three threads in their entirety. PLEASE do that before asking questions about universities from a comparison perspective, or jobs, or coursework, or H-1B visas, or "placements", irrespective of which univ/department/program/major you're applying to.

I love to read, and then I regurgitate. I write - a lot - as my posts here and on other outlets would show. I do not make apologies for what I write (and how long it is). I do not sugarcoat things either. I don't tolerate vague questions, for any reasons - ignorance arising out of an inability to locate information when the necessary tools to do so (i.e. the internet, libraries, university websites, other forums/bulletin boards, etc.) are readily available, is not any kind of an acceptable excuse.

"Don't be daft." - Ancalagon The Black

"With the exchange rate where it is now, it should be a strong deterrent against picking a slightly better program for a lot more tuition fees." - coolguru
10-19-2010 02:41 PM
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chaku77 Offline
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RE: Infobank is a MUST

where do add my details? where is the link to infobank? sorry I am a new user.


09-12-2014 03:01 AM
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