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Making better use of Edulix
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Making better use of Edulix

Some tips that I thought would help us make looking for information on Edulix better. Please feel free to correct, amend or suggest more.

  1. Infobank - Please create infobank with the correct details. It helps you as well a fellow applicants. Make sure to add University details in the Infobank as these help people do a search as to how many people applied to a particular university, how many got admits or rejects etc. Please try to keep your info bank updated with Admit / Reject status.
  2. Hijacking threads - Please do not hijack someone else's profile eval thread. Create your own.
  3. Repetitive Threads - Before creating a thread, please search to see if such a thread is already in place. We understand your anxious for profile evals but avoid multiposting.
  4. Asking for and Replying to evals in non eval threads - Please don't ask for evals in Univ specific stickies or other such forums. Please don't reply to or comment on any such requests. We know you want to be helpful but you would be encouraging people to break the rules.
  5. SOP - Please do not email or PM asking for someone's SOPs. Draft your own. These are supposed to reflect your intent and motivations, not somebody else's.
  6. Result threads - Please don't start off a thread with any XYZ university admits?? Or Applied-x, Admits-y, Rejects-z...if any one needs to know they can find it in your Infobank. It causes "crowding" Update the appropriate Result thread once you get a decision (Result threads have been created by Mods)
  7. Congratulations! - Refrain from Congratulations. When did u send packets, when did they reach when did you get the mail kind of posts in result threads or University Specific Stickies. Your anxiety is understood but it again crowds the thread and makes finding important and relevant information difficult. Theres always PM for that kind of thing.
  8. Questions like i20 Amount - Please check the University sticky or relevant threads before asking this question. If you still can't find it ask Smile
  9. Blanket Statements - Please do not make blanket statements like a University X is the best or it is the worst. Or a GRE score X is necesary for University X. Or cite rankings without disclosing the source. Whenever you make such statements, cite a source or add a disclaimer that it is your personal opinion.
  10. Interview Questions - Some universities have interviews as a part of their admission process. You can share your interview experiences but Please refrain from discussing Questions.

Don't be in such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesn't do what you do, or think as you think. There was a time you didn't know what you know today.

If someone's user name is YNWA, Are you a Liverpool fan is not an appropriate ice breaker question.

Tag me for questions related to CMU MISM only. I do not do profile evaluations or SOP evaluations anymore.
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01-29-2011 06:38 PM
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RE: Making better use of Edulix


02-04-2011 02:46 AM
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