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Financial and Bank Loan queries Mega Sticky
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perplexed Offline
Finance/ Visa Master
Edulix Distinguished Contributor

perplexed Offline
Finance/ Visa Master
Edulix Distinguished Contributor

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Financial and Bank Loan queries Mega Sticky
Important Threads- Stickies

1. Any "Is My Finances sufficient?" questions please post here-nsc306
2. The Definitive Guide to Visa Finances-bikernin
3. Consolidated Sample Financial Documents- kingsly.jeba
4. Financial FAQ's-maks_eng
5. CitiAssist Loans:Queries and Procedure:Loan approved!!-anand_rage
6. Financial docs by consultancy and visa rejected under fraud- max.paine
7. Start managing your finances for Visa from now on-m_going_crazy
8. [ST] SBI Educational Loan - Application procedure/Experience-juggernautvatsan
9. MS in the times of Recession - A compilation of all economy related discussions!-aspirems09

1 Change of Sponsor for VI
2 Agricultural income and joint sponsor
3 AOS of Joint account 1
AOS of joint account -2
4 Family friend as sposnor
5 Is house valuation necessary for visa interview??
6 Valuation of jewellery and Property
7 Preference of funds-crazy2kewl
8 ITR and Saral Form
9 Threads Related to agricultural income
10 Can I use Checking account/Current Account for VI?
11 Transferring money from Indian Banks to USA
12 Course duration=36 months. Finances for how many years?
13 Certificate for LIC/PF/PPF/GPF? , LIC surrender Value
14 US Sponsor docs-1 , US Sponsor Docs-2
15 1- Bank Loan for First Year, 2- Bank Loan for first Year
16 AOS on a stamp paper of Rs 20 or Rs 10 ???
17 PF is liquid or semi liquid?
18 AOS of parents required?
19 How old bank statements can be??
20 Passbook necessary ??
21 CA statement required?
22 Gold Jewels Evaluation for Visa Interview-kingsly.jeba
23 GIFT deed
(i) Gift affidavit-sshetty
(ii) All about Gift Tax
(iii) Gift Deed
24. Solvency certificate or bank statement?
25. FD certificate xerox accepted?
26. Finances for Fully funded admit
27. Scholarships
28 Gold as Funds??
Gold as Funds for Vi- Sudhakar Sir , Gold as Funds for Vi- Gravity Eyelids
29. Finances at time of application?
30. Parent retired, no IT returns. Will it cause a problem at VI
31. Amount to be shown for Funded Admit

Bank Loan

1 Bank Loan for Living Expenses
2 2009 Loan Interest Rates
3 Enquiring about loans
4 Advanced help on bank loan- Sudhakar Sir
5 Margin Amount - Bank Loan
6 Any one heard of Credila ?, Anyone availing Credilla Loan??
7 Pay EMI while studying?
8 Interest Rates -2011
9 Few Bank Loan queries
10 Taking loans from multiple banks
11 Unused Loan amount
12 Loan Disbursement
13. Bank Loan Sanction Letter format
14. Bank Loan 7.5 Lakhs problems and Third Party Guarantor
15. (i) Loan against FD
(ii) Loan against FD
16. Just showing educational loan for Visa Interview
17. Educational Loan in India or US confusion
18. IBA guidelines for Educational Loan
19. Personal Loan vs Educational Loan, Gold as funds, Bank loan processing tiime- Sudhakar Sir
20. Repayment of loan question during VI
21. Loan vs No Loan
22. In Principal Bank Loan format for Visa

1. Pre Departure Expenses by Liverpool
2. VI Folder Arrangement/Financial Summary Docs/Interview Questions-mavericknik
3. 100 Money Savings Tips for Students in USA by Ramkumar1288
4. Cost saving tips
5. Money Saving Tips

Hope this will be helpful in applicants who have similar questions.
Refer to all the stickies they are really helpful, contains lot of information.
Thanks to all the seniors who have been contributing here with their suggestions.

Keep adding link to important threads(apart from the already stickied thread) in this thread.

P.S: Please let me know if there is any wrong information in any of the above threads I shall remove the link.

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06-02-2011 10:42 PM
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The_Observer Away
Airport Layover Consultant

The_Observer Away
Airport Layover Consultant

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RE: Few threads on Financial and Bank queries
Wonderful! Can you also consolidate some of the stickies from this forum here as well? Such as the one by kingsley.jeba and the FAQ thread as well? Feel free to use your discretion here, so that we can reduce the number of stickies up top and have a mega-sticky of sorts.

1) Please mention as many details as possible about your academics, research and work-ex, in terms of projects worked on, technologies used, roles/responsibilities handled, papers published/presented, awards/honors obtained, etc. All those have to be put in the misc details section of your UniSearch profile if you expect any help on Edulix. Also, before requesting for profile evaluations, please go through this excellent post.

2) Please take some time out to read these three threads in their entirety. PLEASE do that before asking questions about universities from a comparison perspective, or jobs, or coursework, or H-1B visas, or "placements", irrespective of which univ/department/program/major you're applying to.

I love to read, and then I regurgitate. I write - a lot - as my posts here and on other outlets would show. I do not make apologies for what I write (and how long it is). I do not sugarcoat things either. I don't tolerate vague questions, for any reasons - ignorance arising out of an inability to locate information when the necessary tools to do so (i.e. the internet, libraries, university websites, other forums/bulletin boards, etc.) are readily available, is not any kind of an acceptable excuse.

"Don't be daft." - Ancalagon The Black

"With the exchange rate where it is now, it should be a strong deterrent against picking a slightly better program for a lot more tuition fees." - coolguru
06-02-2011 10:57 PM
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perplexed Offline
Finance/ Visa Master
Edulix Distinguished Contributor

perplexed Offline
Finance/ Visa Master
Edulix Distinguished Contributor

Posts: 1,887
Likes Given: 71
Likes Received: 101 in 54 posts
Joined: Sep 2010
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RE: Few threads on Financial and Bank Loan queries
The_Observer I have added the stickies thread links

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06-02-2011 11:12 PM
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