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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is UniSearch?
   UniSearch is a software tool that manages the profiles of various students applying for their higher education to the US. The tool is part of the Edulix community's effort to help prospective students in all stages of their application.
2. How can UniSearch help me?
   UniSearch can help you with understand the past trends of admit-reject at various universities. You can also get valuable information of about a particular university that was reported by studets studying at that university or by other students. There are two sections in UniSearch. One is the "Profile Search" section and the other is the "University Review" section.
Profile Search
In this section you can search for various users in UniSearch's database based on several criteria like universities applied, program applied, major opted for, GRE score, etc. You can can select or ignore any of the listed criteria. Atleast one criteria should be selected for the search to give out results.

The search result gives you the list of users who fall under the search criteria along with the name of the university they are attending or will be attending and their selected program and major. For more details about a particular user, you can click on the user's name. This will take you to the user's profile page displaying the complete profile of the selected user.
University Review
In this section you can read the reviews given by UniSearch users for each university. Logged in users can give their review about the selected university. Review for each university consists of the following,
  • List of users applied with those admitted highlighted in green, those rejected highlighted in red
  • Testimonials given by both current and past students of that university
  • General review/comments made by other users
3. How do I enter my details?
   Simply click on the Register/Login link on the top of the page and register for a new account. On succesful registration you will be directed to your "User Details" page. Fill in your details like program, major, test scores, under graduate university etc.

On submission of your details in the "User Details" page, you will reach the "University Details" page where you need to add the list of all universities you have applied to. This is a simple process. First select the US state of your university in the 'University List' section. You will now see the list of universities in that state. Select your university(ies) and click "Add". The selected university(ies) will be added to your list. Once you have added all your universities to your list, you can update the application status of those universities in the same page along with a comment about the university's decision like any offer of aid/funding etc.

If you have decided on the university you want to attend then you can speicify that too in the "Destination" university drop down box in the "University Details" page.
4. I am a student of XYZ university. How do I give a testimonial for my university?
   First, you need to create an account and follow all the steps given in Question no. 3. On updating your destination university to your current university, you will see a link to "Write a testimonial". Click on that link and continue to write your testimonial.
5. I am not a student of ABC university. I have some information that I wish to share. What should I do?
   First, you need to create an account. After logging in go to the "University Review" page. Select the university on which you wish to comment about. You will now see a text box in which you can enter your comments and click the submit button next to it.
6. Do I need to create an account to use UniSearch?
   No. You don't need to create an account or login to use UniSearch. Even without an account you can use the "Profile Search" and "University Review" features. However, you need an account to enter your application details, write a testimony or submit general comments/review for a university.
7. Nothing works for me. I don't know what to do. Can you help me?
   Check if you have enabled Javascripts in your browser. If yes and the problem still persists then you can contact me. You can find my e-mail address in the following link Contact Developer