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Details of s.sanjeev
Real Name Chharra
Edulix Nickname The_Chharra
Application Details
University (will be) Attending Georgia Institute of Technology
Program MS
Major Bioinformatics
Specialization Bioinformatics
Term and Year Fall - 2013
Standardized Test Scores
GRE Quantitative: 165 Verbal: 146 AWA: 3
GMAT Quantitative: Verbal: AWA: Integrated Reasoning:
TOEFL Score: 101 TWE (Essay):  
IELTS Score:
Undergraduate Details
University/College MANIT (NIT) Bhopal
Department Bioinformatics
Grade 7.13
Topper's Grade 9.31
Grade Scale 10
Experience and Publications
Journal Publications 0
Conference Publications 0
Industrial Experience 2 Years, 1 Months
Research Experience 0 Years, 1 Months
Internship Experience 0 Years, 0 Months
Visa Information
Undergraduate Arrears 1
Home Country
Destination Country
Applied Visa Type F1
Visa Decision
Visa Consulate City
Decision Not Applied
Appointment Date
Applied University
Type of Finance Docs Not Applicable
Financial Aid
Type of Financial Aid Not Applicable
Amount 0
Other Miscellaneous Details
B.Tech from NIT (MANIT) Bhopal 2011 graduate.
I am currently working in Tata Consultancy Services since June 2011.
Job profile: QA Manual tester.
During Graduation did 1 summer intern and one Summer training.
1) Winter Intern-Dec-2009 I worked at IISER, Pune for Drosophila Melanogaster, MADF-BESS containing proteins. I was under supervision of two professors. The aim of project was to generate Phylogenetic Relationship between these 16 sequences.
2) Summer Inter: May-2009: I did my training at BCS-ISB Lucknow on Protein Modelling. I had hands on different online databases, modeller, offline tools like Rasmol.

College Projects: 1)-6th sem Minor (2) Major-8th Sem
Minor: Developed DNA walk plot for protein sequences of 5 different cancers. Used: Matlab

I had volunteered for Social society -Prayas at NIT Bhopal.
Also, I used to visit an NGO who fostered especially abled children.
No Research paper. No Conferences.
Universities Applied
Georgia Institute of TechnologyAdmit
Got Admit from School of Biology MS in Bioinformatics. Destination it is!
Rutgers University CamdenAdmit
First Admit. Got admit for Biology: Computational & Integrative Fall -13
Arizona State UniversityReject
Applied for BMI, got reject on 13 March, checked it on 2 April :P. This reject wasn't expected at all. :(
Indiana University-BloomingtonReject
Rejected on 28 Mar. Didn't expect though. Could have considered going here. Liked the program.
North Carolina State UniversityReject
Desperately Wanted it because of its superb Statistical work! Anyway, now got GATech
University of GeorgiaReject
AFter long wait, got a reply, saying they don't have funds to support TA/RA, etc.
Post-MS/PhD Employment
Job 1 Job Title Job Discipline Company
Start Date End Date
Job 2 Job Title 0 Job Discipline 0 Company 0
Start Date 0 End Date 0
Job 3 Job Title 0 Job Discipline 0 Company 0
Start Date 0 End Date 0
Job 4 Job Title 0 Job Discipline 0 Company 0
Start Date 0 End Date 0
Job 5 Job Title 0 Job Discipline 0 Company 0
Start Date 0 End Date 0