UniSuggest - Tool for preparing list of safe, moderate, & ambitious universities. 10+ years of Data.

How to use UniSuggest:

  1. Enter your key credentials: GRE (Q, V, and A), GPA, Degree sought, Country, and Department and click on 'Suggest University List'.
  2. UniSuggest will then give you an initial list of safe, moderately ambitious, and quite ambitious univeristies that match your profile.
  3. Then, narrow down or tweak your list by further refining the criteria such as GRE variation +/- 1 instead of 2 or 3.
  4. Finally, you can seek guidance and advice from seniors on further refining the list by posting at our forums for 'Profile Evaluation'. Link.

The list provided is based on user-generated data from > 200,000 Edulixians over 10+ years period.

Enter GRE, GPA, Department, Country, etc.

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