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my experience in applying for masters in Germany - yogi1 - 10-06-2007 12:55 PM

Here I am putting my experiences while applying to German
universities and the information I collected from different
sources. All the information provided in this thread mostly
on my experience, so just use it as a reference, don't blame
me for any consequences occured. Don't rely much on this
thread, go through German university sites and embassy sites
for the formal procedures. German universities can add new
courses and visa procedure can be changed, so always keep
updated with their websites.

My profile

GRE- 1130(800Q,330V,3.5AWA)
B.E in ECE from NIT Allahabad
got good projects and some national level techfest prizes

Universities I applied for masters

Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg(TUHH):Microelectronics and Microsystems -Destination
University of Dortmund : Robotics and Automation - Admit

Experience with TUHH

Deadline was on May 31,sent application packet on 16 may. Got missing document on second week
of June(explanation for grading system).Despatched the missing document on first week of July.
Concerned person was leave on second week of July. Admit e-mail on third week of July. Got
the admit letter after one week, but mistake on admit letter. So I asked them to issue another
one. I got it on Aug 7.

Important things noted while applying to TUHH
1.If your college is having grading system, you should have to send official
explanation to grading system.
2.In application form they ask for City and Date of birth, in it you should
mention the city as the place of birth in passport,otherwise in admit letter
they will write the city as place of birth
3.International office at university is providing a good service, so contact
them for any problem concerning your application.Maintain a good e-mail
account for this and check it atleast twice a week.
4.GATE score will add as a positive point for your application
5.Apply before middle of Feb for MS+MBA. They offer MS+MBA in 2 years and you will get
full scholarship+accomodation and no need to show a single penny for visa.

Experience with University of Dortmund

Deadline: march 31,sent: march 26(so early!!). Got reply on first week of April, but the mail
was on bulkmail of my yahoo a/c, so I accidently deleted it. I called them on June middle,
they sent the same mail again and asked to sent missing document(my degree certi was not
attested,10,+2 certificate was missing).When I called them for the first time they told
that i have admit and asked to sent these documents. After reaching the document they issued
me the admit letter and it took 2 weeks for the admit letter to reach home. Got admit letter
by around third week of July.

Important things noted for applying to University of Dortmund
1. See the spam mail and bulk mails because their mails might be in that section
2. Be careful in deleting bulk and spam mail
3. Their response to our queries are good

Common things about German Universities
1. They give good response by mail and phone(my experience),so any problem directly
call them or email them
2. No appliction fee, so apply to all good universities
3. Application cost for one university=GRE+TOEFL score reporting fee(17$/2 for extra reporting)
+ courier cost(airmail cheap as Rs.35,take less than 2 week). So apply to all good universities offering your course.
4. Some universities have MS+MBA course and MBA with full aid, so you apply to both course

Important thing to be noted while applying universities
1. Apply on time
2. Attach one covering letter listing the application packet
3. don't forget to sent the passport copy,eventhough they don't ask it
4. Some universities have application form filled manually(they don't have online form)
so fill it carefully and with bold letters that it will be legible.
5. check e-mails regularly,take proper care while deleting spam mails
6. send GATE score too.
7. City of birth is place of birth in your passport

Do at your own risk
1. Send the applicatio packet before deadline and later you can give GRE,TOEFL etc..
2. If you won't have all documents, send the document what you have, they will ask
for missing documents, then send the remaining documents, but main application
form should reach before deadline

Visa Procedure

For visa procedure refer to embassy can get
visa appoinment through VFS only, so go through the following link
and see the required documents for visa
I heard that new rules came for visa procedure after my visa
application was done. They ask you to submit document in German(there
are some authorised agent who convert your document to german, but take Rs.4/word).
Toefl score become valid for 1 year and fees increased to around Rs.4000.

Important things noted for visa
1. Visa procedure change according to the territory
2. Visa procedure for Mumbai and Chennai are different
3. Mostly you require TOEFL score not old than 6 months(see the rules),
so take it as soon as possible. Remember TOEFL result will take
5-6 weeks for hard copy, so if you don't have time go for
IELTS,results will come fast
4. Visa requirements and university requirements are completely different
(mostly in case: how old is your TOEFL)
5. Any doubt regarding procedure, call VFS directly,VFS chennai will give
good response to your queries.

Affidavit of Support

Quote:I hereby agree to pay all the expenses incurred by my son -----
for his living expenses and his studies in the period of his study in Germany.

your father address and sign


FD or savings a/c statement(phone no. mandatory and official letter pad)


This is to certify that addr of ur father(Father of --) is holding five fixed deposits with us. The combined balance as on --- of five fixed deposits amount to Rupees ------ only (Rs. ---) is equivalent to --- Euros approximately as per exchange rate of Rs.--- per Euro. Following are the fixed deposit list

Fixed deposit number Amount

------- -----
------ -----

Total: Rs.----

Thanking you,


Date :

Step1:First appoinment with VFS(there is no need of appoinment with VFS)

First reach VFS office in Chennai, It is near Tenampet SIT bus stop,
then walk to ICICI bank(you had to cross the road) only 23C from
Thiruvanmiyur. I waited for one and half hour in Thiruvanmiyur for 23C but none
came.So I went to Adayar depo for the same. U can get buses more frequent
from there (23C,19G)

Now first security check
1,don't bring bag,bring a folder that u can carry, costs around Rs.170

2. they will ask u to switch off ur mobile
But i saw some people with bags, tell them that I want to go to Germany
office which is in first floor, u can see a long que outside office for US visa.
Don't stand in that que, go direct to guard.

Better you go in the early morning then your process will be done in half hours

Thing to carry(take 3 copies of all the above for backup)

1. Covering letter.

2. admit letter
3. marksheets and degree certificate
4. TOEFL score which is not older than 6 months
5. Passport copy ( 3 required)
6. financials(all to be in euro converted and bank statement of last 12 months transaction)
+ affidavit (no covering letter required if u have more than one document like FD+savings a/c )
7. Passport copy
8. Photos(keep atleast 4 photos, take photo from a good studio according to the
specification mentioned in website, take some 10 photos, anyway it is needed for future)

Important thing

1.affidavit + bank statement of last 12 month transaction in euro converted
2.TOEFL score should not be older than 6 months
3.Take photo outside, don't go with photos(i heard that u can take photo inside)
but the time u will spend in vfs office will be more
4.see timing before going ( 8-12 am and 1-4 pm) and holidays too

VFS will give DD for visa,they have printed DD's in which they write
your name and you had to pay them. Visa fee-Rs,1700, total-Rs.2266
so keep some extra cash with you, because fees may vary

First you go and ask for student visa, they will give u six forms(3 identical forms)

Things to be done in the main form of visa

1. Make sure that your name, place of birth,date of birth are same in admit letter
and in passport
2. Write the details in the passport (without spelling mistake)

3. col 15. This is important, where are u going to stay, give university address( care of(c/o) then write university address)
4. Purpose: study, provide university address below
5. Health insurance: yes, after reaching Germany
6. expenses: Father's finance, one column for the date from u want visa (from , to dates) and duration also asked
7. Don't forget to mention phone no. of ur home
8. Write ur contact no.(mobile better so that u can be intimidated),email with your
9. Check whether u signed in all forms, covering letter
10. Fill the health insurance form
11. Finally after filling the form go to them and they will verify and paste the photo

Then u have to ask for appoinment, I went on Wednesday got appoinment for next monday
Now u have to go and pay

IMP: Remeber they will take only your passport(original),make sure you haven't left any
of ur original documents there.
They will give u a slip+passport copy with a seal, keep it safely without this
u can't collect the passport

VFS people are providing good service,if u have any doubt go and ask them for any doubts

For me, I went around 2:10pm and be back on 3:40pm(around 10 people came for visa)

Step2:Visa Interview

Finding Visa Office

Visa office is situated in Boat Club Road and there is very less bus through that route. So get
down at Mandaveli and take another bus to 'Adayar Gate'(not Adayar).
It is around 2-3Km from Mandaveli(second stop), one five star hotel
is there in front of the bus stop. For those who come from railway
station,catch bus to Thiruvanmiyur and get down at Mandaveli, otherwise
pay auto to Embassy(will surely cost more than rs.100)

Inside embassy there will be metal detector check, they will ask u to
switch off ur mobile, check ur bag and u can carry it inside. They will ask
for appoinment, you had to show the receipt given by VFS.
If you bring somebody with you to embassy, then he had to stay outside
embassy, but that is a residential area and a good greeny environment.
So they won't be facing any problem to stay outside and procedure will
take maximum of one hour.

I had my appoinment on 9:15 reached there by 8:00, but they opened
the counter only after 9:00. There are 4 counters(3 in use) and counter no:1
for the student visa. Pick up the phone to talk. I was the first, but
she called somebody else, in the order in which we applied to VFS office,
thus I became the last of 5.

First person came, I was not able to hear what they talked completely.
She took the files and asked him to try later. I think his dd amount
is different(don't know exactly, but she was talking by looking at DD
in one hand and his dd was not from VFS office)

Second girl, she is going for PhD Chemistry, got stipend of 1300 euros
(but 300 euros go for taxes!!!!!!). She got it through direct contact
with prof in Germany. Interviewer asked about 'cynide' and normal question,
last around 3 min.VO told that she will get the visa soon(she had to
reach within a month)

Third one, going for PhD Genetics, she was not having euro conversion
but VO doesn't create problem because she said that she got stipend
and no need for bank statement. Interview last around 2-3 min

Fourth one, MS in Bioinformatics, showing financial about 5.5L(bank statment)
TOEFL score 7 months old.

Finally me,
Where are u going - Hamburg?????????
Where is Hamburg?
Why u choose this university
What will u do after this
What is ur father,mother,siblings etc..
What is ur father + mother combined annual income
What is ur percentage. I had grading system, so she asked for explanation
what is A,B,C grade. She asked me whether i have subjects in
electrical and which are they
What is the full form of VLSI
What is ur TOEFL score

She is writting down everything we are saying. So the following are the sureshot question

Where are u going -
Where is it in Germany?
Why u choose this university
What will u do after this
What is ur father,mother,siblings etc..
What is ur father + mother combined annual income
What is ur percentage.
What is ur TOEFL score

Interview will be at max 7 min. No special questions, she ask only general questions and
finally she verify ur address and ask u to collect passport from VFS

Step 3:collect the passport

Now go again to the VFS through which you applied to collect the passport. Check whether
your passport reached VFS from the following link
Go with the photocopy of passport in which VFS stamped their seal.But collection time
is from 5-6pm and security won't allow you to enter before that. Go around 5:30, because
there will be lot of travel agents came to collect passport in bulk, so mostly they will
be served first and you had to wait for more will get passport printed with
visa tracking no/year and fee receipt with visa tracking number on it with barcodes.

Inorder to speed up the visa process you can send the tracking number in the passport
(it is printed in passport and you can see in the fee receipt the same number is written)
to your universities international office(concerned authority), so that they can speed up
the process. [b]. Now wait for visa approval

[b]Step4: Visa approval letter

Normally VFS will give you call when they get the approval letter. Better you call after
4 weeks(better don't disturb them before except in case of emergency). I had interview on
aug13, but the visa approval letter dated on 6 sept while i called VFS on sept 10 to know
the status. If your visa is so urgent then call consulate and know the status because the
letter is coming from consulate and then to VFS. Visa is in hands of local immigration office
in your place and your university,always keep contacts of university so that they can speed
up all process.

Visa approval letter
Quote:Consulate General Federal Republic of Germany
Ref: your visa tracking no. chennai,date

your address

Dear Sir/Madam

Sub: your application for a residence permit for studies in Germany

With reference to your above mentioned visa application we would like to inform you that
a residence permit for your intended studies in the Federal Republic of Germany can be
issued. you are therefore, kindly requested to make travel arrangements and schedule a
second appoinment via one of our application centers. Further information, you might also
like to refer to homepage at

Please provide the following documentation when scheduling this appoinment:

your passport.
Proof of your intended travel date(e.g. Copy of confirmed flight reservation,flight ticket
is not required).
Demand draft in your name drawn on a bank in Germany in the amount of 7020 euros
(original plus 2 copies).
Copy of this approval letter.

The visa issued by the German Consulate General in Chennai will enable you to enter Germany
legally in order to take up residence there. It does not permit travel in the Schengen
Area for vacation purposes, work of any kind or studying right away.

Upon arrival in Germany you are required to deposit the Demand Draft into your German bank
account. Afterwards please report immediately to the local Immigration Office and present
proof of your German bank account. In addition you will be required to provide proff of
valid Health Insurance(Travel Health Insurance is not sufficient). Only then the German
Immigration Office will grant you the final residence permit required for your studies.

Sincerely yours
Visa section
German Consulate General, Chennai

This letter is computer generated. Hence it is valid without signature.

Visa approval time taken

Time depends on the rush at the moment,university,time after the interview embassy despatch documents to local immigration and local immigration
applied date consulate days took destination
May Bombay 22 TUHH
June end Chennai 40 univ. of applied science Esslingen
June end Chennai 7 week TUHH(He was in German for sometime, so verification went to where he stayed previously
July 23 Chennai 29 TUHH (He gave visa tracking no. to university)
aug 7 chennai 31 Univ of Dortmund
aug 9 chennai 28 univ of bonn
aug 13 chennai 28 TUHH(I gave visa tracking no. to university)

Step5: Taking DD and second appoinment
If your native bank don't have foreign exchange then you should go to the main branch.
I put 4lakhs(equivalent to 7020euros) into my SBI a/c and took letter from the manager
of my native and went to the main branch. you should show the purpose of Euro DD,so
you should have visa approval letter. In the meantime you apply for International
Debit card(it is MasterCard) while keeping your domestic atm card, so that your parents
can put money for you. Euro DD depends on the exchange rate of Rs. and euro. Check the
DD whether all fields are written, two signatures are required for DD(one from assistant
general manager), make sure that these persons are available on the day you are going for
it from your local bank.SBI give DD payable at SBI,Frankfurt and you are required to fill
some form to get euro DD.

Now to VFS,Cochin. They gave me second appoinment date after 8 days. I asked them for earlier
date, but it was not available because of business visas. If your classes started and you
want to stamp asap then you should call embassy, they will make it fast. I paid Rs.170 VFS
and they put passport,copy of letter,air ticket,2 copy of DD in a cover and stamped in the opening and gave it me. If you are applying through VFS cochin then you had to collect passport from Blue Dart courier(they have service in 8 points in Kerala which are listed in VFS. So
write the nearest one's contact number).

Step6: Final Stamping

Appoinment was at 10:45. I reached there by around 9:30, interviewed around 9:45(depends on
the order, if some student who have appoinment before you did not appear at that time). She
asked me to fill a form in which you have to write how much euros are asked in the approval
letter(7020).Then she asked me to come at 1pm.I reached around 12:45 and got the passport
stamped for 90days(including date of journey) at around 1:30pm. Now everything is done

Learning German

u can start learning German urself. Start with German with micheal thomas, then
go for Pimsleur. Go to forums like, and search
'German' u will get a lot of stuf to learn german. Start learning German when
u are applying because in Germany everything is written in German
and nobody talk to you in English(i understood it after reaching here).
In Chennai you can go for max muller bhavan where basic course
is 120hr and cost around Rs.7000/
Inawordforlanguages 60hrs,Rs.3700 program.
See the dates and start learning when you apply.

Absolute Newbie FAQs
A Comprehensive Info about study in Germany
pursuing bachelors in German
Visa Thread-Chennai Embassy
Cheapest way to call India
DD-7020 Euros, Clarification:-
Visa Reject. What to do?
Can I travel to other EU countries with this visa
Education Loans important info

masters in germany vs U.S.A.
Toefl test problem
Problems in going through consultant(some experience)
Submitted vias application today @ Kolkata Consul
Certificate attestaion query
Things to pack..( not everything is mandatory)
No degree certificate, what to do for visa

Read below threads too,eventhough it is a bit long and less informative

How to get admission
List of Universities for March 2008 in Germany
Ph.D in Germany, VISA problem, Please help
Best Universities / Colleges
Admission + Visa services
About Flight Booking !! and travel concerns
Courier Service to Germany...
VISA EXPERIENCE - 6th July,2007
Cheap n Gud courier for Germany
Few question while filling up the visa form
Important Information for all Prospective students
@affidavit of support
Abt Driving License !!

Internation Student Identit Card

I just went to Stic Travels, Temple Tower,Nanadanam. Take a passport
size photo( I was not having one at that time and there was no nearby
studios, so I had to walk around 2Km+ in a metro like Chennai to take
one photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!), photocopy of admit letter,stating 2yrs course
and rs.250. It will take just 15 min.But that card was valid only till
march 2008(i applied on sept 2007). So after that u just have to show
the same proof of course duration to get it extended. This card is
approved by UNESCO and only STIC travels in India distribute it.

In Germany you will use this as a photo identity card and it is required
because you can't carry passport all the time with you and you use it
for photo identification in transport system since your semster ticket
don't have your photo. My friend used it to show that to prove that he is
over 21 years of age for entering a Disco!!!!!!

This card will cost 12euro in Germany and Rs.250 in India

Try following links and understand the benefits


Booking flights
First priority should be given to Emirates and British Airways because of the lagguage
limitations. You can carry 40+7 in Emirates (2 main) and 23*2 +7 in British airways

International Debit card
You can get maestro card from SBI which you can get for your account in SBI
SBI will issue one Indian ATM card and international debit card for same account
so that you can withdraw money from anywhere and your parents have to deposit
in the local SBI branch. It will take atleast 2 weeks and you have to collect
card from SBI branch where you applied(it won't come on post like SBI ATM card)

- yogi1 - 10-06-2007 12:57 PM

Finding Universities
go through the link and search for the universities offering your program

daad is not enough and most of the German university sites are not updated properly,
so you have to mail international office of universities and ask.

List of some universities is there in this link

robotics and automation is in english


programs in english

* Materials Science
* Mechatronics
* Information and Communication Systems
* Process Engineering
* Structural Engineering
* Environmental Engineering
* Information and Media Technologies
* International Production Management
* Microelectronics and Microsystems
* Biotechnology
* Electromagnetics, Optics and Microwave Engineering

Published in World Rankings 2005

1> Heidelburg University

2> Munich University

3> Technical University Munich

Courses in english

Master's degrees completely taught in English. The proof of german language proficiency is not required here:
Advanced Materials Science (Elite graduate program) (Master)
Communications Engineering (Master)
Computational Mechanics (with Elite graduate program) (Master)
Computational Science and Engineering (with Elite graduate program) (Master)
Environmental Engineering (Master)
ESPACE-Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology (Master)
Industrial Chemistry (GIST-Singapore) (Master)
Integrated Circuit Design (GIST-Singapore) (Master)
Intelligent Transportation Systems (GIST-Singapore) (Master)
Land Management and Land Tenure (Master)
Master of Laws in Intellectual Property (Master)
Mathematics in Bioscience (Master)
Microwave Engineering (Master)
PhD Program Medical Life Science and Technology (PhD)
Sustainable Resource Management (Master)
Technology Management (Elite graduate program) (Honours Degree)
Transportation Systems (Master)

4> Humboldt University Berlin

5> Gottingen University

Overview of international study programs

International study programs are either completely in the English language or partially take place abroad, or enable a scholarship with a double degree.

* Applied statistics and empirical methods (Doctorate)
* Euroculture (M.A.)
* International Economics (M.A.)
* Hydrogeology and Environmental Geosciences (M.Sc.)
* International Program for Agricultural Science in Göttingen (IPAG) (Ph.D.)
* Middle Ages and Early Modern Ages (Ph.D.)
* Molekulare Biologie (Molecular Biology) (M.Sc. / Ph.D.)
* Molecular Medicine (M.Sc.)
* Neurowissenschaften (Neurosciences) (M.Sc. / Ph.D.)
* Tropical and International Forestry (M.Sc.)

Double degree

* International Nature Conservation (M.Sc./M.I.N.C.)
* Sustainable Forest and Nature Management (M.Sc.)

6> Frankfurt University

Programs held in English
Currently graduate programs held in English are offered in fields such as

* Quantitative Economics (M.Sc.)
* Economics (Ph.D.)
* Law and Finance (LLM)
* Natural Sciences (Ph.D.)
* Computational Science (M.Sc.)

7> Technical University Berlin

8> Free University Berlin

9> Aachen RWTH
One of the highly reputed universities in Germany

10> Bonn University
some courses are in English

FH Darmstadt

Uni Stuttgart

Universität Karlsruhe

University of Duisburg-Essen

TU Kaiserslautern


Ruhr-Universität Bochum

FH Ingolstadt

FH Aachen

heidelberg uni of applied sciences

Universitaet Erlangen-Nuremberg

Univ of Magdeburg

some programs are there in english


hs-esslingen heard it is the best in univ of applied sciences
programs are in English


Jacobs University Bremen

University of Applied Sciences, Rosenheim

Jena university

tu dresden

univ ulm


It has some programs in English. See mechatronics

TU Darmstadt


TU Eindhoven


- Techie_v2.0 - 10-06-2007 01:38 PM

nice initiative Smile kudos

- kuchcha - 10-06-2007 09:50 PM

great job Smile....

- turri - 10-07-2007 03:01 PM

Very informative indeed !!

- turri - 10-07-2007 03:07 PM

For Technical University of Munich, they phone interview all the applicants. How tough is that interview technically and whether we need to go through the entire subject again to be able to pass that interview ????yogi1

- yogi1 - 10-08-2007 08:21 AM

hi turri,

i don't have any idea about it, i am hearing it for first time. Try for some orkut communities and ask there

- turri - 10-08-2007 04:28 PM

Thanx....sorry to ask that question to you.. i thought you were going to TUM but youre going to TU Hamburg.

- popeye - 10-08-2007 07:16 PM

Great job Yogi ... this is very helpful, we needed someone to throw light on the education process for germany

Good Luck and Best Wishes for your career and life ahead

- everyware - 10-09-2007 08:36 AM

wonderful post Smile

- yogi1 - 10-09-2007 11:22 AM

Hi turri,

I reached hamburg last week. I don't have any info about TUM.

popeye, thanks for your wishes

You can read my three free books for Indian students related to robotics,parallel port,avr microcontroller uploaded in the files section of yahoo group -booksbybibin

- AmoghG - 10-12-2007 09:18 PM

Thanks a lot man!!

Thanks a ton! - ninaddn - 10-15-2007 12:09 PM

Thanks a ton! Very helpful ...

- akshaypb16 - 10-19-2007 11:16 PM

superb work =D> =D> =D>

Is Masters in MIS available in Germany? - ninaddn - 10-20-2007 12:09 PM

Hi Friends, I need help from you regarding Master courses available in Germany. I am particularly looking for MIS (Management Information System) i.e. MS in MIS. If you have any information about that please let me know (any links would be helpful). I have already search the DAAD site but haven’t found any. So plz help ….. Thank You!