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Tidbits - I

Plan in reverse order

If you know the start date of school, you can estimate your deadlines to complete most of the steps like:

  • Approximate Admission Date
  • Bank Loan Sanction Date
  • Visa Application Date
  • Date of Application Submission
  • Dates before which you have to give exams
  • Time frame for your preparation

Everything needs a checklist

Starting from sending application to first day in college, every step has a mandatory document or requirement list to be satisfied.

  • Materials to send with application
  • Documents needed to apply for bank loan
  • Documents needed to goto visa interview
  • Items needed to be purchased before your journey
  • Document proofs needed at immigration check etc...

Financial knowledge is crucial

Every university has scholarships awarded along with admissions. The rules vary vastly. Be alert.

  • Apply very fast if you want to be considered for scholarship
  • Keep emailing professor and inquire about TA/RA positions immediately after admission
  • Explore university website and every department site to know about on campus opportunities
  • Join in university FB pages and follow what's happening.

University reputation is very important.

The more reputed, the more opportunities. Top companies show cold face to smaller universities.

  • A good university is important than your preferred course work
  • Quality career fairs are abundant in top universities and scarce in small universities
  • Teaching and campus life will give maximum exposure to you in reputed universities
  • Always target universities whose ranks are less than 50

Job search process is very different

Universities arranges career fairs but don't run behind you to get you placed. That's not their responsibility.

  • Be attentive and innovative in career fairs
  • Plan to demo live works to capture attention in career fairs
  • Talk positive, be courteous and smile always
  • Network extensively on Linkedin
  • Search and add University Recruiting Specialists of all companies on your Linkedin
  • Never delay a response to recruiter and do not postpone interviews

Tidbits - II

Be courteous and thankful

A new place always gives you memories to remember. By being courteous and thankful, mistakes can give good memories

  • Being thankful and polite is extremely important in new places
  • Sometimes cultural habits sound rude to others. Keep a check
  • Always smile and greet pleasantly
  • Don't hesitate to ask again if you couldn't follow someone.

Be prepared for cultural contrasts

What might sound like trivial to you might be offensive in other cultures. Read well about common and uncommon practices in new places.

  • Allowing private space in queues
  • Not talking loud
  • Not wearing appropriate clothes
  • Not paying to attention to people etc... are some sure things to avoid

Cleanliness is vital

First impression is the best and cleanliness is the way to achieve it.

  • Keep your living and work areas tidy!
  • Always appear fresh and chose fresh clothes
  • Smell good and use lotions as per needs and climate
  • Keep yourself health and fit

Don't shy away

Be clear and don't feel shy to ask for anything. Educated people understand cultural differences.

  • Ask if you don't follow their words
  • Ask if you don't understand an idiom
  • Don't be scared to wish someone casually
  • Don't stay still in a social gathering
  • Also, don't over speak and kill others enthusiasm to speak

Be very punctual

Time is money and in foreign places, it is even more precious. It lets others judge you.

  • Never be late for an appointment
  • Plan travel accordingly and be on time
  • Follow the rules
  • It is okay to be early than be late or be ignorant

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