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Edulix is an Internet site and forum that provides free 'crowd-sourced' services and products to aspiring undergraduate and graduate students around the globe. The site is primarily designed as a one-stop resource for scholars with a crowd-generated database of information about university education and career in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. While the majority of its members come from the Indian sub-continent, Edulix's membership has a very significant international element with increasing membership from China, Turkey, Latin America, and Europe.


Founded in 2000 by Sam Kassegne and his college-mate from Middle East Technical University, Yalcin Sert. Edulix has grown now to almost 150,000 members all over the world. Over the years, we have fundamentally transformed the way international scholars seek and achieve world-class graduate programs.

It was in 2006, that we deployed our raw user interface which enabled us to collect student information.

It was in 2013, that we started to show admission trends by drilling hundreds of thousands of users information, powered by our data-engines.

It was in 2015, is when we offered our first public service and partnered with DHL to bring the beloved Edulix Express experience to our fans.

2017 is when we have re-invented the wheel and ported to a stackoverflow kind of interface for our forum as well as breathed web 2.0 into our website.


Dr. Sam Kassegne

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at San Diego State University

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Aditya Kappagantula

Tech Enthusiast, Engineer, Creator & Philosopher

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