Steps To Higher Studies

Plan ahead and know what you need to know
to secure a bright and successful future.

Learn the process

Higher studies is a huge process. It involves many steps and needs meticulous planning.

Prepare for exams

Understand all the exams you need to clear and identify the best way to prepare for them.

Get good scores

Good scores are the most vital step to tension free and happy stay in a foreign land.

Apply fast for admissions

The faster you apply, the faster are admission. You need plenty of time for next steps.

Talk to seniors

There is no better source of knowledge than experience. Make the most out of it.

Plan your visa and travel

Loads of excitement ahead. A new desitnation is welcoming you! Be prepared.

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US School Rankings are not everything.
You are not the only one who screwed up in your GRE.
Your GRE score isn’t terribly important by itself after all. Your academics matter more.
We all think ETS is too expensive.
Stanford isn’t impossible.
Graduate School life isn’t all easy.
You need not buy long johns from India. Not even if your Mom forces you to.
Your Statement of Purpose need not start with a quote.
You can apply in the Spring Semester in many schools.
You can apply a notch higher than your counselor suggested you to.
Your counselor does not really care about your future. Research and make your own university lists. Write your own SOP.
Visa Interviewers aren’t so scary. They are people too. You can talk normally to them.
You will miss simple things you took for granted at home when you are in the US.
You can take courses outside your department. Like a business course.
Research isn’t scary. You learn how to go about it. You might even get a publication.
McDonalds isn’t the best place to hang out in the US.! Neither a good place to eat.
Food in Indian restaurants in the US does not taste as good.
You can buy spices from Asian stores in the USA.
Edulix can be more addictive than Facebook.
You should be on Edulix already!