GRE - Graduate Record Examination

GRE a.k.a Graduate Record Examination is the first step to higher education in a foreign country, especially USA.

Every student is mandated to take this exam to be able to apply for a foreign school in USA.

It is an objective, multiple choice exam that tests your Mathematics [170 scale] and English [170 scale] knowledge.

A student is evaluated on a scale of 340 points. An additional 4 point scale is used to determine the student's written english skills.

A student should register and make an account with GRE Official Website

GRE is an online exam. It costs roughly $205 for a student to register and take the test.

More information can be obtained from the above link.

Not truly. It is a tricky question.

Typically, the math part of the exam probes your high school mathematics concepts.

Students are expected to be thorough with the basics and be in a comfortable state to apply the knowledge.

The english part of the exam tests your verbal and word power thoroughly.

Students are challenged with tricky words and english comprehensions.

Students will be expected to deduce information from large chunks of text and answer questions.

Overall, with good practice it is highly possible to bag a 340/340 score.

A lot of students opt for GRE coaching sessions. It is a common practice. But not necessary for everyone.

We DO NOT offer any coaching for GRE. However, there are a ton of players in the market who do that for you.

If you are someone who need a little external push, we recommend signing up with a popular player in the market.

High scores do matter. So make a wise decision.

Plan in the reverse order!!

If you plan to start education in FALL [August month] you should have sent your applications by January of that year.

Some schools stop receiving applications in November itself!

So in that case, your best bet is to receive scores by end of September in the least.

Hence assuming you need a solid 3 month preparation, you should start preparing for GRE by start of July to be in the safest bet.

Early preparation gives you a chance to take another test in case if your first attempt doesn't yield expected results.

Generally most universities respond between Jan and March.

That leaves you April to July to accept admission, plan your finances, travel, stay and courses.

Some universities do require you to show proof of finances before they grant admission.

Hence we suggest you to be prepared. Again, not all universities mandate this.

For more information, you will have to check with individual university admission process.

Our senior members, your peers and alumni from those universities can give your more information in this regard.

From experience, we recommend nothing less than 300.

Infact, our ideal suggestion would be 310+ to 320 to be considered by a good university.

Some universities do take lower scores, so is their quality and we want you to be at your best.

Please leave a question on our Q&A portal. One of members will be glad to answer them.