Pre Travel Preparation!

Immediately after receiving your VISA stamp on your passport.

Otherwise flight tickets prices will soar and burn your pockets!

Make sure to check for all possible student discounts before you lock on a flight.

It is an extensive list!

Make sure to use the travel-checklist we provide. It is present under the my-profile link!

As an international passenger all flights allow you to carry a personal item and a carry on luggage.

A personal item can be a laptop bag.

A carry on is a small suitcase that can handle generally a max of 7KG weight.

You can choose the type of food you want in a flight.

Make sure to select it mandatorily if you have diet restrictions like vegetarian/eggetarian/vegan etc...

You cannot carry any edible items into international flights.

However, you can carry food that you purchase after the security check in the international airport.

Standard breakfast/lunch/dinner will be served as per the flight schedule.

You can ask for snacks/cold drinks/alcohol/fruits/chocalates/tea/coffee whenever you need them!

Its all free!

Coffee is not made with Milk! So is Tea. Research more and have fun!

It's your choice! If the flight is a lengthy one, they can come handy.

You will be provided a blanket and headphones in international flights.

Yes! Carry US dollars atleast $20 to $100.

Ensure that you can 1 dollar bills atleast 5.

Also ensure that you have an internation credit card or travel money card to use wherever needed.

Yes we strongly suggest you do it.

Also take a generous data plan.

You will get access to free wifi in most international airports. Still, be prepared for worst case scenario.

No! Never!! There is every possibility that your checkin luggage can miss a connecting flight or be delayed or be lost!

Keep all documents with you in your laptop bag or cabin bag.

You will need all these during your Port Of Entry interview.

You will also need a copy of the new rental lease agreement as a proof of residence or where you plan to stay.

Hence rent an apartment before you land! You got to do it online or request your seniors for help.