Visa process related information

Apply for visa ONLY AFTER receiving your I20 from your university.

I20 is not released to you by university until you have accepted the admission by paying the caution deposit.

Apply as early as possible after receiving I20 to have sufficient gap to book cheaper flight tickets.

No. You do not need a flight ticket to goto visa interview.

Only if you don't know why you want to do a Master's!

It will be a very casual one.

The VO will ask you questions about your choice of university, coursework, finances at max.

Typically nothing more than 10 min.

You will not be sitting in a room :)

You stand in a counter, which looks more or less like a bank counter except more spacious.

You answer the questions and you will be informed the decision.

No. It is a two day process typically.

First day you give you finger prints.

Second day is your actual interview.

We suggest you to be in formal wear. There is nothing wrong to be in casuals as well.

Yes definitely DO NOT wear a tshirt and shorts!

Typically you need some mandatory ORIGINAL docs like

  1. Passport
  2. DS 160 Form
  3. 2 Copies of Interview confirmation page.
  4. GRE Transcript
  5. TOEFL Transcript
  6. I20 Document
  7. Undergraduate Certificate Or Provisional Degree Certificate
  8. Undergraduate Transcripts
  9. Bank Loan Approval
  10. Bank Account Statements showing latest balance
  11. Fixed Deposits statements, if any.
  12. Statement Of Purpose

No. If visa is granted, Visa Officer keeps your passport. You will receive it after 3-4 business days.

If Visa Officer is unsure about the decision or you are needed to submit additional information, then a pink color slip will be given to you with additional information in it on how to proceed further.