TOEFL - Test Of English as Foreign Language

TOEFL a.k.a Test Of English as Foreign Language is the second step to higher education in a foreign country, especially USA.

Many universities mandate students to take this test and score atleast 80 plus points out of 120 points.

TOEFL tests students abilities in English Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills.

It is relatively an easy exam compared to GRE if your schooling has already happened in English.

A student should register and make an account with TOEFL Official Website

TOEFL is an online exam. It costs roughly $160 - $250 for a student to register and take the test.

More information can be obtained from the above link.

Not truly if you are comfortable in casual english speaking.

It is NOT an adaptive test.

The english part of the exam tests your verbal and word power thoroughly.

Students are challenged with tricky words and english comprehensions.

Students will be expected to deduce information from large chunks of text and answer questions.

Overall, with good practice it is highly possible to bag a 340/340 score.

It is not very important if you are comfortable with reading, writing and speaking in english.

We DO NOT offer any coaching for TOEFL. However, there are a ton of players in the market who do that for you, if you want to take coaching.

However, we strongly suggest you to practice rigourously by taking sample tests. A lot of providers offer them.

High scores do matter if you plan to apply for Teaching Assistantship or a Research Assistantship position. Hence practice a ton of tests and make sure to ace it.

Prepare for TOEFL along with GRE when you prepare for GRE Verbal.

Plan to take the test within two weeks of GRE exam so that you can focus purely on TOEFL after GRE exam.

TOEFL website helps you do this.

You can select some universities to which your score will be reported automatically at the end of your test.

If you plan to send your scores to more universities than the free limit, you will have to pay per extra university.

Scores can be sent to universities electronically. No need to send any hard copy scores.

From experience, we recommend nothing less than 100.

Infact, our ideal suggestion would be 100+ to 115 to be considered for TA/RA position.

Some universities do take lower scores, so is their quality and we want you to be at your best.

Please leave a question on our Q&A portal. One of members will be glad to answer them.