Hello World!

Published by bit092 on 20/05/2018

Hello World!

This is our first blog post.
We intend to empower our moderators through our blog feature. This blog is a dedicated location to read guidelines and opinions from our esteemed moderators.

We hope this feature will make information organization better than it was before.

Happy Edulixing,
Team Edulix.
Core Values

Published by bit092 on 9/06/2018

Hi there!

If you are here, we have something in common! Passion for education and commitment to grow in life.

The motto of Edulix is to simplify life for students by empowering them with abundance of information. We strive our best to share knowledge. Before proceeding any further we would like to list out the core-values we uphold and the model on which we work.

  1. Share to care
  2. Educate to Empower
  3. Honesty
  4. Giving back to the ...
Profile Evaluation Guidelines

Published by bit092 on 9/06/2018

Profile Evaluation Request - Guidelines

Time is precious! Yours and ours. Let us make the most of it.

Seniors and moderators who respond to profile evaluation requests are full time students or employees with day time jobs. After a long tiring day, they come back to this platform out of sheer empathy for newbies. They want to make upcoming students lives easier and wants to ensure that newbies don't make the same rookie mistakes that they did.

Hence it is imp ...