Core Values Published by bit092 on Jun 9, 2018

Hi there!

If you are here, we have something in common! Passion for education and commitment to grow in life.

The motto of Edulix is to simplify life for students by empowering them with abundance of information. We strive our best to share knowledge. Before proceeding any further we would like to list out the core-values we uphold and the model on which we work.

  1. Share to care

  2. Educate to Empower

  3. Honesty

  4. Giving back to the community

  5. Data driven decisions

  6. Being brave and being accountable

  7. Hope

Since the inception of Edulix, we have worked on crowd-sourced model. We have seniors and moderators across the globe answering questions from students and guiding them. They are not commercial employees. They are just students like you and me.

10-15 years back studying abroad was a big deal! It is so, even today. But back then access to information was scarce which made Study Abroad aspiration even tougher and more fluke decision prone. Yet the thought to go to a foreign land for studies and exposure excited students. Thus Edulix took birth. We became one of the earliest hubs for students to gather and talk about education when Orkut/Facebook did not exist and GMail was just getting popular.

Since then generations of students have given back to this community which made what Edulix is today. Students genuinely came back and helped juniors. Because every student away from home knows how hard it is to survive in a foreign land. It comes naturally to them to help others in the same boat. It is just a human gesture to do what we can so that others don't go through the hardhships that one went through. Edulix in our opinon is Empathy at its purest form.

As days passed by and social networks took over our generation, we still stand strong. That is because we are not commercial and we don't mince words when it comes to letting know of hurdles in study abroad routines like a lot of consultancies and commercial players do. Because we don't get paid for landing students in some random universities. In fact even if someone wants to pay us for that we don't want to take that kind of money. We want just a smooth sail for every student and we make it possible by keeping studentz informed.

We are all in for experiences, lifestyle, ideas and life long relationships. All we want to maintain is the longest chain of student to student relationships so that some day we become the go to destination to know anything about technical education.

Focus on One vital aspect:

Social networks are cool. But not a good place to discuss life decisions. When discussing about something serious like a university admission or about a research topic, attentiona and focus are important. A random or even a close friend popping out of no where in sucha a situation and cracking a joke is not cool. At the same time, a lot of times one needs to have privacy in such discussions. It is not very wise to go and let everyone know what one is working on or pursuing before the outcome is certain or is completely out. Edulix hits the bull's eye on these aspects. We focus only on technical education realted discussions and generally do not entertain anything else. We respect privacy and address each other only using our code names! In fact don't be surprised to know that some of the most popular members like The_Observer, The_Chharraa, The_Maharaja, The_Wanderlust and many more are real individuals but we don't know who they are in person, though we have been interacting with them for years. In fact there are questions on websites like quora asking if The_Observer is a real person!

Data Driven Decisions:

We request students to share their exam and applications data. We plot interactive charts using that data which helps upcoming batches as well as seniors to understand admission trends better. That way it is possible to understand how a university standards and reputation are fluctuating over years.

Getting Connected:

A lot of students apply to universities but there is no good way to know who ends up where! Edulix solves this problem. We connect every student to other. In fact, a lot students after finalizing their college admission check on Edulix to get to know seniors and make new friends even before finalizing their visas! Edulix is the place where friendships bloom and thrive!

Happy Edulixing!